Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 3 at Disney!

We found out that there is actually something more exciting than meeting Princesses.  Meeting animated characters.  

Mae Bae was a little less enthusiastic.  At least when it came to meeting giant bugs:

We took a break from meeting characters to ride a triceratops:

And Mae Bae realized that not all the characters were scary.  Every time Pooh Bear looked forward she would reach over and touch his face.

Eeyore was another Mae Bae favorite.  She kissed him a couple of times on the nose!

Sadie danced with Donald Duck:

And twirled around with Chip and Dale:

She showed Miss Bunny that she knew how to curtsy:

She was excited to meet Minnie (she'd been asking about Minnie and Mickey and "how we would find them" since the day we arrived):

She was super silly when she met Goofy.  She barely stopped giggling the entire time she was standing with him:

More dancing, this time with Mickey:

Then we met Thumper:

Sadie was a big fan of Meeko.  We realized that she's a little shyer around the princesses, although she did like Pocahontas' long hair:

She did tell Tiana that "Mae Bae is 1!"

The cutest part of our Tiana visit was the little boy in line in front of us.  He was about two years old.  He stood proudly for a picture with Tiana and when she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek she quickly whipped his head around and kissed her on the lips!  He looked pretty pleased with himself.

We did stop taking Mae to see princesses.  If a princess isn't Snow White she isn't really all that interested in meeting them.  So I tried to get Mae Bae to nap, while Sadie visited with everyone.  She finally fell asleep after dinner...

When Sadie hugged Tigger, her hug was so enthusiastic that Tigger lost his balance!  And there was more dancing.

After dinner we went to the street party.  We watched our second parade of the day (the street party is kind of like a parade), and Sadie and I danced in the street with the cowgirl from Toy Story and about 20 other preschoolers and a handful of moms (I just can't remember her name and at the moment I"m apparently too sleepy to open a new window and google the answer...).

Mae Bae slept through the excitement.

And then it was time for the castle lighting!  Everyone was so excited!  And it was even more beautiful than I imagined!

Tomorrow afternoon we head home.  This vacation was definitely worth the very long wait!


  1. How do you handle fictional characters with your children? Do you explain there is an actor in the costume or do you let them believe they are the real thing? If you do, when do you think you will work it into their understanding that they are actors playing a part? I know this is like telling a child there is no Santa Clause but I have a little boy who will soon be enamored with his favorite super hero when he gets old enough to make a correlation.

  2. The cowgirl from Toy Story is Jessie. My six year old loves her.

    The pictures of Sadie with all the characters are priceless. My oldest was scared of almost all of them except the princesses when we took her to Disney World at age three (same time of year as your visit, too). I love the picture of Sadie with Goofy. He's my favorite. I can't go to Disney World without getting my picture with him.

  3. I'm so pleased that you've had a wonderful time!

    We have several friends (our daughters' ages) who are Disney characters there, and it's always fun to try to find them (they often are multiple characters, so it can be a challenge...) They also get us great discounts so I hope they don't retire any time soon!!! Next trip will likely be next year, for grandson's first time.


  4. Thank you so much for taking the time so share about your vacation while you are still on it!

    It looks like everyone is having a great time. You and your family really do deserve a fun vacation!

  5. Just wanted to say that I love your head covering in these pictures. :) I really need to get some new ones...after Christmas, I suppose. :)


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