Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My New Serger!

I'm super excited.  I've been dreaming about two sewing machines.  Because apparently I have delusions that four sewing machines would fit in our home.  The first was a serger and the second was an embroidery machine (because Costco has a embroidery machine for around $300 that seems to do the same things that machines that are usually 10 times more do, and that has great reviews).

With a big purchase like this, I waited and waited and finally, the waiting paid off.  A few days after Thanksgiving, one of the sales on Joann's was an online only serger deal, with a $300 serger on sale for $129.  Since it's a business expense it's tax deductible for my store.  Then I went through ebates (I know, I know, ebates!), which was offering double the percentage of cash back at that moment at 10% (I don't think I ever mentioned this, but my ebates rebate was over $120, so it really does work!  It will be far less this time without the moving expenses I'm sure!).  And I  thought I'd gotten a pretty good deal, with the serger being knocked down to around $117.  Yesterday I got an email from Mastercard, for a promotion I'd signed up for, saying that I'd gotten a $20 Mastercard gift card as a result of the purchase too!  Knocking down the final serger price to $97 (shipped).

So I'm pretty excited.  I just finished making up the rush that came in after Thanksgiving (yay!) so now I can take the time to try and figure the new machine out!  Hopefully it won't be too confusing!


  1. How exciting! I've thought of you several times when walking past sergers, thinking how much you would like one. Keep the silly thing threaded, my biggest piece of advice! LOL!!! You can tie on a new color if needed and run it through the loopers easily, and run it until you hit the eye of the needle so you don't have to go through the whole threading process each time. One the serger is working, though, they are SO very handy.

  2. Sergers sure can speed up sewing! They are also fabulous when using fabric that tends to unravel to finish the edges of the pieces before sewing them together.

    Mine is fancy and is very very confusing to use but that doesn't change that when I do manage to get it set up right, it sure does a nice job.


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