Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Latest in Princess Dresses

Sadie and Mae are getting a very big surprise this week (through the magic of groupon, early Christmas presents and being Florida state residents now).  Two of these dresses were the first part of the surprise.  And since we only found out we were leaving for the surprise this week, on Friday afternoon (so only two full days to get ready), I managed to sew three of these dresses in a little over two days!


  1. Ooh! Are you taking two beautiful princesses to Disney World? Sadie looks so cute in her pink princess dress.

  2. Good Job Cam! Hope you have a great time at your surprise. Make sure you spend lots of time at the Magic Kingdom with all of Sadie's role models. I highly recommend It's a Small World for you and Mae. :) And the Dumbo ride for Sadie and Paul. We need lots of pictures of Paul riding the little kid rides. I know the girls will have the best time ever.

  3. oh I bet I know what the surprise is! p.s. I'm a lurker on this blog. I have to admit I rarely agree with you when it comes to politics or some religious matters, but I still respect many of the life and child-rearing choices you've made and enjoy following your family on this blog. Anyway, do you have any idea where I might find a reasonably priced advent wreath? or know anyone who could whip one up and send it to California before Christmas?


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