Friday, December 9, 2011

Shiny Happy Catholics

After lunch this afternoon, as Mae napped peacefully, I announced to Sadie that we had a guest coming over.  "My friend Martha is coming to visit in a little while.  You remember my friend Martha? " I asked her.  "Miss Martha!"  Sadie quickly corrected me.

Sadie was instantly charmed when she met Miss Martha, who was wearing a beautiful bright flowing "twirly" skirt  the first time she met Sadie.  Sadie asked about at the start of the following two tea visits (weeks apart.... apparently it made a big impression!).  When Sadie sees Miss Martha she's quick to say "Miss Martha I missed you sooooooo much!"

I've become an avid reader of Miss Martha's blog, Shiny Happy Catholics.  When I found out that Martha had a new blog I was pretty excited because she's a fantastic story teller who can make just about any subject hilariously interesting (although she has addresses all sorts of topics and I'm always checking in to see if she has a new post).  So I'd strongly recommend it if you're looking for new reading material! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! It's been great to meet so many of your readers over on my blog - I never realized there were so many great women out here in the blogosphere !!


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