Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Update...

I was hoping to have a real update for you (and me!) today, but I haven't heard back from the cardiology office yet, so not much has happened here.  I do feel better today... but I do take a pain pill when the pain gets too out of control (which is usually once a day), so it's hard to tell if there's really any change.  Today was a little surreal in that I felt the same as I've felt for quite a while, but the mere idea that it could be heart related, rather than hormonal made things quite a bit more stressful.  I'm trying for the most part not to think about it (that's probably the real reason for the belated update!  Sorry!).  I do have a feeling that it's more likely to be a thyroid thing than a heart thing (at least that's what I'm hoping!).  I just wish I'd asked more questions when the doctor was so worried about the EKG results...  I was so surprised that they weren't good, that I didn't really say anything.

I will be calling the cardiology office tomorrow (despite the "don't call us we'll call you) and if I don't get a hold of them I'll start looking at the doctor's offices that are further away.  I'll post an update when I have an appointment!  Hopefully that will be soon!


  1. Have they checked your gallbladder? I have been having the same type of pain for awhile's horrible! I finally told my doctor (I have a lot of distrust of doctors so I put it off for way too long) and it turns out I have gallstones. The pain often makes me think I'm having a heart attack.

  2. I never get calls back, not for good news, nor for bad news. If I did not call and call again for the reports I would die without knowing what was in the tests-- the competence and work ethic of the staffs in doctors offices in my area ranges from excellent to so low I wonder how the doctors can STAND to be paying such lazy people!

  3. Praying for you Cam! I would think that if it were serious, they Dr would call back ASAP or your Dr would have gotten you an appt ASAP. When my youngest had a potentially life threatening heart issue, our pediatrician call the cardiologist and made the appt for me.


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