Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Zoo!

These are a few other pictures from yesterday's trip to the zoo.  We visited the lions..

But the girls are never all that impressed with the lions... all they do is lay around...

The bear, however, is a fan favorite.  He's in a huge enclosure but he always seems to be hanging out right next to the class, walking back and forth.

Then we paused at our favorite park to ride a dinosaur.

Here's Mae Bae.  Headed off to do her Mae Bae thing, which involves trying to sneak off and see if she can get into trouble before someone stops her.  It usually involves trying to climb something very tall and scary.

And this is another outfit I'm happy to see being worn.  It was my first attempt at a pants and shirt combo!

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  1. The Bear exhibit is my favorite too! Sometimes the bears play together and that's the best. Glad you guys had such fun - the girls' outfits are adorable!


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