Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Pearls and Lace Princess Dress

I just had to share a few of my favorite photos of one of my latest princess dresses.  When I made Sadie and Mae their new princess dresses, I also sewed one for another very special little girl.  I made her dress a little more fancy with the pearls, instead of the plain lace I did on Sadie and Mae's!  Here's a close up:

I just love how the rose satin turned out!

And here is the finished dress!


  1. The dress is gorgeous! I bet the little girl who gets to wear that dress will be thrilled.

  2. That is really beautiful, Cam. She's a lucky girl... I would have loved to have something that exquisite and thoroughly princess-y when I was little.

  3. Beautiful!!! That is one lucky little girl! Awesome job!

  4. Pretty! I need to get out my sewing machine for my girls. ;0)


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