Friday, December 23, 2011


Many of you have probably already heard of (or been sucked in...) by Pinterest.  It's a site where you can basically grab pictures off of other sites by getting an account and a "Pin It" button at the top of your browser (at least that's how it works for Safari, the Mac Internet Browser) and clicking on it when you see something you like.  You can then put the picture on one of the "boards" that you've created.  It's pretty inevitable I'd be excited to find something like this.  I spent my whole childhood/adulthood until I was too busy any longer, making long, complicated lists of pretty much everything.  Pinterest totally re-enables that tendency (with pictures!)!

I've been using it to compile ideas, when I'm too sleepy to sew or do anything else constructive (or when Paul is forcing me to watch the entire Lord of the Ring's trilogy, since I have a hard time sitting still and not multi-tasking).

Most of the ideas lately have been sewing centered, with a section on dresses I'd love to be able to make, a section on girl's dresses (again, for sewing/knitting inspiration),  and my personal favorite the Kids Section, with ideas for Catholic Inspired Kids Toys.  There's also a "if I had an unlimited budget to decorate my home with things that I love" type section titled, "Home" and a couple other sections of various lists I've composed (all the boards can be reached here).

Are any of you on pinterest at the moment and feel like sharing?


  1. I'm on there!! Just joined recently! I have a list of products I love, I have a few lists of pez dispensers that my Dad still needs (he's a collector), and I have a little list of wedding dress styles that I like......

    (PS - my fiancé loves the lasso rosary!! You did a really beautiful job!!)

  2. I should have sent you an invite. I found Pinterest months ago and have been thoroughly engrossed in it's pages. I love it. Here are my boards: I hope you get lots of great ideas and actually use some of them. I have a tenancy to make the food but not much else. Love to see you there. I'm totally going to follow you now. :)

  3. I've an account and have pinned a few pictures but I'm not that into it.

  4. I looked into pinterest a while back and I just don't get it. I guess it's sort of like how I can't figure out how exactly Twitter works-I think it's too complicated.

  5. I really enjoy using pinterest! I have been able to use it to organize ideas I find. This way I don't have to print them out and clutter my already cluttered life. For this Christmas I was able to find several new recipes to try and some gifts for my children and I to make for others. My boards gave me a way to keep it all organized.


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