Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Last night we made quick work of all that was left to be done.  I'd, thankfully, been able to finish the dresses the night before and so all we had left was wrapping and stocking stuffing.  

Here the tree is with all the presents under it (and the majority of the girls existing toys around it, since this is their main play area):

Here's Sadie's stocking, which was mostly filled with felt cupcakes that I'd sewed for her tea parties.

And Mae's stocking which had her favorite jingle bells in it along with more cupcakes:

On the toy front we'd attempted to go less crazy than we have on other Christmases.  This year it was a necessity, but I think we may stick with what we've come up with.  The girls each got three toys and a dress.  For Sadie the toys were a princess doll, princess shoes and her sewing machine.  For Mae Bae they were her vacuum toy popper (for lack of a better description, it's the pink thing in the picture above), two tiny princess dolls (that came in the same package so I counted them as one present) and a big princess doll.  However, there were a lot of presents from our extended family (as you'll see!)!

Here we are at 6 am as we came out into the living room.  We decided we were going to do presents before Mass at 8 am, so we knew we had to be up bright (although it was still pitch black outside) and early!  Mae, who is usually the early riser, had to be woken up.  Sadie was very serious in this picture as she spotted the tree and presents:

Mae Bae wasn't very interested at first.  She found a brushed and went over to a mirror and brushed her hair for a while.  However, at this point she'd discovered a new passion.  Bows.

Here's a Christmas smile.

This was Mae's favorite present.  The brush that came with her princess doll.  She's also more fond of Sadie's Tiana doll than her own Belle doll, and Sadie's quite attached to Mae's Belle doll, so I think they may just switch.

Here Mae is giving me a princess bow.

And here she is admiring her handiwork.

Here Sadie is with all the toys (for both of them... although I realized later I forgot to wrap the sewing machine!  Yikes!).  So even though we went "light" on presents and spent right, it was still pretty extravagant.

And Sadie just can't keep her eyes off her boots.

Here Mae Bae is in her Christmas princess dress, with Map, her favorite toy of all time:

Another princess dress picture:

Here Sadie is in her princess dress, looking very serious after we got home from Mass:

I put up snowflakes on the windows to pretend it's not 80 degrees outside.

And here they are together!

When Mae went down for her nap Sadie put on a princess dress and hosted a tea party:

Then it was time for a costume change (her fourth of the day) to play beauty salon.

Now we're all relaxing (while Mae continues napping) before lunch!  

I hope you're all having a Merry Christmas!

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