Monday, December 26, 2011

My Most Useful Purchase of the Year

Last month I returned from a fabric purchasing expedition with a slender silver colored box.  We were on our way to buy groceries as I removed the box from the bag and explained to Paul that I'd made a wonderful, much needed purchase that would make my life so much easier.  He looked more than a little skeptical as I said the words "spring action scissors."  I rushed on explaining that they were 50% off, making them only $24 and that with all the sewing I do they would make life much, much easier.  That's when he started to think that I'd completely lost it.  Who buys $50 scissors, even when they are 50% off?  And spring loaded?  He was not impressed.  There was a comment of:  "What, so you don't have to do all that work to pull the scissors back open when they're closed?"  I chuckled, because it did sound kind of ridiculous when he put it that way.

It's been nearly a month, however, and I have to say, they are by far the most useful thing that I bought this year (last year's most useful purchase would be these pliers).  The only part of sewing that I disliked before was cutting out fabric.  It was frequently frustrating.  And I was sewing so often that my cheap sewing scissors would be dull after a few weeks.  I did buy a scissor sharpener that was also on sale, but when I saw that these scissors were 50% off I figured that I'd make an investment and see if high quality scissors really were as important as I'd read they are in my sewing books.

I can now say that they really are that important.  And for me the spring action feature is definitely a plus.  When I sewed the girl's dresses before we left for Disney World I sewed 18 hours in two and a half days (I had some late, late nights).  When you're sewing that much, every little bit of help is a big plus and having the scissors spring back out on their own made cutting faster and easier (because my hands were feeling pretty tired by hour 4!).

The angle of the scissors is also better for cutting fabric, with the blade laying flush against the ground when I cut I don't have to hold by hand and arm at an awkward angle to compensate for the straight angle of regular scissors.  And they cut through fabric, even thick fabrics like the velvets I've been sewing lately, like a knife cutting through soft butter.  As you can see I'm a big fan.

My scissors are still living in their little silver box when they aren't being used.  Everyone has strict instructions not to use them for none sewing pursuits.    They won't be cutting paper or plastic anytime soon.  So if you are someone who's cutting fabric in a large quantity I can definitely say that sewing scissors are a pretty useful investment.  I wish I'd figured that out about 12 months ago!

The scissors pictures are from the Joann's Fabric Website.


  1. The right tools are a great blessing. I just make sure my hubby knows when something I am buying is a tool because the man understands the importance of the right tools for the job. He has even insisted I spend money on tools I wanted but was determined to do without because of the expense.

  2. You are SOOO right. I don't sew, but I am a nurse. With the amount of cutting of fabric that you do, you were setting yourself up for an overuse injury down the road. Our joints were not made to do repetitive movements, long-term. I'm glad you got the scissors, and if Paul understood, he'd be grateful for them. Merry Christmas!! I enjoyed the photos of your tree, and of your family. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. I think he finally understood when he saw my giddiness at using them (repeated every single day!). Every time I use them I'm still kind of blown away by how much easier it is now when compared with how difficult it was before!

  4. I agree, having a good quality pair of scissors is a must for sewing. My scissors are only used for cutting fabric and pattern paper. The dresses you are making these days are so beautiful!

  5. I completely agree - that style is worth its weight in gold when fabric cutting is a regular event. Tell Paul the sewers in the audience completely understand and agree!

  6. Mine aren't spring loaded but they are a beautiful pair of Gingher's that my husband purchased for me a few years back. It changed my experience of sewing!

  7. Well do I remember being yelled at as a child when I would pick up my mother's good sewing scissors to cut wrapping paper or anything else!! It was a big house rule that nobody touch mom's scissors!


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