Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac (Volume 1)

Thanking God For
 My family.  Paul took all three babies yesterday morning and let me sleep for an extra our all by myself in the big bed upstairs.  I'm pretty sure this earns him a nomination in the category of best husband ever.  
This is definitely one of my all time favorite pictures...

Lent.  Sometimes I feel like every year Lent comes barreling along and plows me over and I'm always shocked at how, someway or another, it manages to bring me to my knees in some unexpected, humbling way.  It's never the same way (because that wouldn't be a surprise now, would it?)... and it always causes me to feel like I've been knocked into remembering that it's not by my own strength that I'll make any progress stumbling down the road towards sainthood.

I find myself wondering how I missed
this allergy for so long...
because now it's so obvious!
More and more about the allergies in this family.  And about all the things that you'd never realize have wheat in them that do.  
For example: Red Vines.  Red Vines have wheat in them.
While I pour over everything for Patrick's allergies and usually check everything for Mae too, somehow the Red Vines slipped past me and wow, what a mistake it was.  It meant two hours of screaming in the middle of the night, plus another hour in the morning, plus a giant rash.  I think I can officially say that the wheat allergy has been confirmed yet again.  How did I miss this allergy for so long?  Part of it was that I just thought both girls had incredibly dry skin... that has completely gone away with the wheat.  

Oh and I've also enjoyed watching this educational site on the conclave.  I think it's absolutely fascinating!

The squirrel and the mountain by Emerson.  Sadie almost knows it by heart and while we've read it over and over again I've completely memorized it.  She loves the beginning: "The mountain and the squirrel had a quarrel.  And the former called the later little prig.  Bun replied, you are doubtless very big, but..." and the end "If I cannot carry forests on my back, neither can you crack a nut."  
And I love that she's enjoying reading poetry with me!  


For the now retired Pope and the conclave and for the Pope who will be elected.  
And for G.G. who was admitted to the hospital two days ago and who we're praying will be well enough to come home today.

Wandering Around
Hoping that Aquinas and More doesn't actually close (if you're interested in helping them stay open, click here).  I have a book review I need to write for their reviewing site for the wonderful book, The School of the Family, which I've been slowly reading during my free time (although things are picking up because I'm squeezing more reading time into night time nursing sessions).  

In the Garden
I'm getting ready to get my seeds started down in the basement in the next week or two and Sadie's excited to help.  I put it off after reading online that you should start seeds in Michigan in mid-March.  I have all our seed starting stuff out and ready to go.  And I'm dreaming of a time when the ground isn't frozen solid and the kids can play and get filthy dirty outside while I'm planting.

How I Spent My Weekend

Excited!  I was so excited to learn that Paul has this week off from classes.  He's still in the library all day every day, but it means he's home in time for dinner every night.  And knowing that he's going to be home for dinner makes every day extra happy for me!  

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  1. Loved your post.

    What a great hubby you have!
    I am really enjoying CWA and getting to hear what all the ladies are reading/praying for, etc.
    You are the third person who has mentioned Aquinas and More. I hope they stay open as well. I have two friends who know the owners.

    Have a great week.

  2. We're anxiously awaiting Spring so we can really get busy in the garden.

    Poor babies and their allergies. Things slip by, at least now you know.

  3. How long did it take you to notice a difference when you stopped eating gluten? I have been pretty miserable the last few months (multiple stomachaches a week, general tiredness, and dry skin, although I didn't think to connect that until now). There's a pretty large part of me that wants to try going gluten-free, but I'm not sure I can afford the money or the time.

  4. I think it seemed to take about two weeks to notice a real difference for Mae and I. Patrick stops having reactions much more quickly, after about three days.

    And it seemed like the first month was the toughest in terms of figuring out what to eat and then it started to feel more natural and easy going shopping (although the cost of veggies and fruits is insane).


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