Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh Cardinal... Please Stop Tweeting...

This is how I feel when I read
Cardinal Mahony's twitter feed...
Last night I trudged down to the basement to do something that needed to be done this week, that I'd been putting off. There were seeds that needed to be planted and put under lights and I was going to be soaking peat disks in water and pressing little seeds into them.  Something else was on my mind though.  I'd been reading about a certain Cardinal from my home states' recent tacky tweets and was trying with all my might to feel some sort of charitableness towards the man, rather than indulging in the random thoughts that kept popping into my head like "there's no one I'd rather see in prison orange."  

I know that I winced when I saw him when the Cardinals were getting ready for the election and I winced when I muttered his name as a prayer intention for our family rosary and I can't think of a time in recent years when I've had such a hard time praying for someone and it has nothing to do with that monstrosity he inflicted on the diocese of Los Angeles.

And then I went on and began reading more and the reactions to the post by Patrick Archbold were not what I expected.  I think I understood the motivation behind the post when I read it the first time.  I'm pretty sure he was calling out the Cardinal from the City of Angels on his rude, mean spirited tweets insulting our beloved retired pontiff.  I didn't see it as an attack on our newly elected Pope by any stretch of the imagination.  The thought didn't even enter in my mind, because I think the intent was pretty clear.

But in the world of Catholic blogging, we might all be a little jumpy right now.  There are people out there who are attacking our new Pontiff and the attacks come from places we didn't necessarily expect.  

I feel that same protective impulse each time I see something nasty and absurd and yes, it absolutely hurts even more when it comes from someone who should be supporting Pope Francis and praying for him, rather than running about bemoaning his election because he's not the Pope that this person's personal conclave would have elected.

That wasn't what Patrick Archbold was doing in his post though.  He was responding to Mahony's tactless tweeting.

And Mahony?  Well... I'll try not to wince and will ask that we all pray for him.  He needs it.  His tweets were divisive and insulting.  Those words were cowardly, attacking an elderly man who's retired and gone away to pray for the sins of the world, and cloaking it in words like "humility."  Our new pontiff seems to be a wonderful humble man.  Our old one was as well.  There's one person in this tweeting debacle that isn't exemplifying the virtue of humility and thank heavens he will never sit on the chair of Saint Peter.  Thankfully he isn't even at the helm of diocese any longer, which will hopefully limit the damage which may be done going forward.

I was really hoping he might have learned something over these last years.  Pray that he does going forward... or at least stops hurting the Church he's sworn to protect.


  1. I agree with your assessment of what Pat was trying to do in his post, however, I also agree with Kat that some of his imagery was not appropriate. (Although the Mr Bean baby was frightening.) My word for this year is "kindness" and while I respect and enjoy a good satire, I also am focusing on the fact that sarcasm and snark are not kindness. And I cringe right along with everyone faithful at Cardinal Mahony's tweets, but I think Pat would have been better off writing his rant and not submitting it to NCR. I believe it was pretty much a waste of his talent and intellect to post it. What was the point? Cardinal Mahony needs to learn humility? Cardinal Mahony needs to learn restraint? Anyone who reads anything from or about him of late that simply reports what he was doing knows that. Being snarky, sarcastic and mocking do not help make the point. Especially when using some of the imagery, specifically the ugly baby, that he did.

  2. Ignoring the cardinal is probably better than attempting to engage him. It merely gives him the attention he's looking for. He's clearly trad baiting at this point. It would be far better to not take the bait.

  3. When I saw the title of this post I wondered if you were thinking EXACTLY what I was thinking. Yup.

  4. As one of the responses to Archbold's post wisely said, it is high time for Mahony to JUST.SHUT.UP. And I agree with Liz that it's time for the rest of us to completely ignore him.


  5. I agree with the above commenters - I think all that anyone can do is ignore the cardinal. And pray that he remembers that while there is beauty in simplicity, there is also beauty in things that are meant to be beautiful! I know I'm not the only one who feels closer to God when I enter a church that is beautiful, rather than a church that has eschewed all beauty in order to give that money to the poor.

    Yes, I think we need to help the poor. But I also think we need to preserve things that are beautiful for the poor and for everyone! Because maybe that beautiful church, that beautiful liturgy will inspire someone to give to the poor who may not otherwise have done so.

    It's frustrating that there are so many people out there who think that there's only ONE proper way to celebrate Mass, only ONE proper way to worship Jesus. There are obviously many non-negotiables, but putting down a man for wearing red shoes? Ridiculous.

  6. LOL because @cardinalmahony was frequently spotted lunching with celebrities at the L.A. Country Club, hobnobbing at 5-star restaurants and more or less living the good life in Los Angeles. No one loved the camera more, and apparently no one misses his public platform more, either. Desperate for attention much? Humble, indeed.


    I've watched this 5 times and have to laugh because it is spot-on!

  8. *sigh*

    You know, given our Holy Father's previous methods when dealing with obstreperous priests *and* his making a point of praying at the tomb of St. Pius V the day after his election, if I were Cardinal Mahoney, I would be veeeeeeery quiet right about now.

    But that's just me.


  9. I ignore him. I think the Crystal Cathedral with the new name I have forgotten, has potential to make a lovely Catholic Church. A centrally located beautiful Tabernacle and some lovely statues of Saints would go a long way in the right direction.

    There was an artist in Kerrville Texas who made life size bronze statues of scenes from Jesus' Life. The one of Jesus washing Peter's feet is amazing-- HIS work in all that natural light would be marvelous. The space is large enough for that scale of work.

    It is unconventional, but COULD be fabulous. It just depends on what the diocese does with it.

    I am horrified by the MANY attacks on Pope Francis. He must be very good for the devil to be that busy making people foam at the mouth over him.

    I suspect that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is not hearing and therefore not bothered by the hatred spewed at him. At least I hope he is cloistered enough to be away from it.

    I think I'll just say my prayers and let it all be.


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