Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Keep Sewing, Just Keep Sewing...

I took a quick break from the nightly routine to post a few pictures of my projects from the last three days.  The piecing quilts are done for the day.  Maybe.  Unless I finish everything else before midnight, which may or may not happen, depending on how efficient I am.

I've pieced 30.  20 to go if I'm going to meet my goal by the end of the month (I'm not yet admitting that that might not happen).

Now to get on to the actual work from my stores!  I hope your having a good Holy Week!


  1. Those are SO pretty!!! Best of luck at the craft fair. :)

  2. Cam, will you list any of these in your store? I'd buy one in a heartbeat. :)

  3. I like the pink and brown one! Good job!


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