Monday, March 18, 2013

Lilla Rose Clip Review

Sadie was incredibly excited when we went to ballet this Saturday.  And it wasn't just because she was going to dance class.  It was because she was wearing a sweet little clip that had arrived in mail a few days earlier, and was referring to it as her "tiara."

Since then she's ran and gotten it off of the shelf I put it on to keep it from being lost in the whirl of little things Mae Bae steals and holds in her hand and loses, so that she could show it to Nani on Skype and hold it up for the camera so that they could see it clearly while she talked about how she was the only dancer wearing a "tiara."

It's really quite beautiful!  It was sent to me by a friend for review.  She has a facebook page and a store page if you'd like to check out the other beautiful clips that are available.  The one Sadie is wearing is the Scrollwork Heart:

After seeing Sadie's and seeing how they work (the pin is actually attached to the clip so it can't be separated and lost, which is a HUGE plus in this house), I can totally imagine myself wear this one... or this one... or this one!

Here's a picture I snapped through the window at
Sadie's class, where she's excitedly
wearing her "tiara"
The best part (or at least the most important part for me!) is that they're easy to use.  I'm not a hairstyling genius.  Sadie's choices in the morning are "braid, bun or fountain."  We don't get too fancy around here.  But, even with my moving, squirming target who was anxious to see how the clip looked, I easily managed to get her hair up and into her clip!

And these clips are strong.  They were designed by a man who was tinkering in his garage with some of his wife's beads.  They're made with piano wire, so that even our little Maggie-monster would be hard set to destroy it (I no longer say "impossible" with Mae, even when I'm thinking it because she has a way of proving me wrong... otherwise I would totally say "impossible" here).

There's even a video with hairstyle ideas here (which I may have to watch, because Sadie and I are going out this week with student tickets to a ballet that Paul gave us, and I know she's going to want to get dressed up and have her hair in a special bun for it).

I'll be hosting a giveaway here as soon as the rafflecopter is all set up and ready to go (and I'll link to it here once it's up!)!

And thank you to Heather for the chance to review this beautiful little clip!  It really is lovely!


  1. Do you shop at Horrock's? It's on the west side, on Saginaw. If you haven't found it yet, GO! It's a local grocery store, they sell lots of high quality basics, and tons of really fantastic produce and fresh ingredients. It is a true treasure in Lansing if you want high quality food. If you are the type of person who enjoys farmer's markets, etc.

  2. Thank you so much for the tip! I hadn't heard of it yet so we'll definitely have to check it out! We usually go east over to Okemos for our shopping since Paul's more familiar with that area for school, so any shopping tips in Lansing are definitely appreciated!

  3. Thanks for the great review! The Elegant Emerald you said you liked will be back in stock in the next couple of days!

  4. The clip is lovely; our girls would have loved something like that when they were little.

    I'm so glad that Sadie is taking ballet, and that this class seems to be more age appropriate and fun. Is it an "Angelina Ballerina" class? The ballet company of which I am on the board, and where our girls danced for 15 or so years, just started that "syllabus" for little ones and they seem to love it.



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