Thursday, March 7, 2013



I just realized that I need to make a rosary for Patrick to go along with to the other family rosaries... maybe one to match Daddy's?

And I realized that someone added a princess crown to our Infant of Prague statue...


Sadie was thrilled when she got an entire turkey leg of her very own on her lunch plate this Sunday.  

She ate the whole thing:

But even better than a turkey leg?

Going outside with Mommy to get snow to make ice cream!

And a smile for the camera!

She's my sweet little ballerina!


Oh toddler fashion sense.  She refuses to wear anything in her hair (I remember that phase with Sadie... it lasted for years...).  She loves shoes.  Preferably mismatched and on the wrong feet.  And her new passion?  Cardigans.  She cries when you take her cardigan off.  She wears them with sleepers.

We found two cardigans at the thrift store and she is thrilled.  The purple on is in it's second day of wear.  I'll need to steal it to wash it soon.  It goes especially well with her "baby jaguar" sleeper:

And of course what would an outfit be without a pair of ear muffs?  Perfect for our still-winter-still-freezing weather:


I'm in bean cooking mode at the moment.  I've got a few days before we're going shopping and I'm out of planned meals and am staring around the kitchen trying to come up with ideas.  The freezer has extra meat left over from days when I didn't defrost anything, and the pantry is full of dry beans.  And apparently, with our last "month of rice and beans" far off in the somewhat distant past, coming up with various bean recipes to trick my family into thinking they're eating meat once again sounds like fun.

In the past I've done black bean burgers and kidney beans as tacos and no one realized they weren't eating beef until it was pointed out.  Without a bun or a shell however, such trickery is a bit more difficult.

I'm not quite sure what we're having for dinner yet.  I soaked the beans overnight and have already cooked them.  I've thrown in a fading red pepper that was on its last legs, a sweet onion, garlic, two jalapenos and to tomatoes.  There's some cumin, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, chili pepper, black pepper and salt in there too.  So it's probably something taco-like.

Now just to figure out what it will be made into:

Last night it was chili and homemade cheese sauce over spaghetti squash.  I love spaghetti squash...

This made me almost feel like we were at Steak and Shake:

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  1. My husband's aunt used to make a meatless loaf that resembled meat loaf enough to have it pass muster. I'm not sure whether she used beans or walnuts in it, though. I've made a fiesta casserole (got the recipe off the FlyLady site years ago) that part of the family thinks is fine with black beans subbed for the meat. However, I will acknowledge that the other part of the family considers it far better with ground beef. You put crushed corn ships in the bottom of your dish then put a mixture of spicy chili beans (vegetarian, but you'd probably want to do your own mix because I suspect there's wheat in there) and black beans that's been mixed with taco sauce and a bit of chili powder (I think my daughter sometimes uses taco seasoning at that point. Then on top of this you put sour cream, a scattering of green onions and cut up tomatoes and some grated cheese. To serve you put unbroken corn chips around the edge of the casserole. This is one of my son-in-law's favorite dishes, and I'll be it would be a hit at your house as well.

  2. Oh, you bake that at 350 until it's heated through and the cheese has melted.

  3. I'm so impressed with Saide eating an entire turkey leg. I don't think I could do that.

  4. Love the bean portion! Fun blog, i'll look forward to reading more. and I'm intrigued by Snooding. Can that be a verb? Our older daughters like bandanas in the summer, but we may need to diversify. The solid colors really appeal to me ...

  5. I'm loving the jaguar and cardigan outfit. Stylin'.


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