Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Latest from My Work Table

I took a quick break from sewing tonight to snap few pictures of headcoverings and post them in my store.  I've found so many great fabrics lately (spring fabrics may just be one of my favorite things about spring) and I was impatient to share them!  Here are the four I photographed tonight:

Now to get back to sewing!  I'm making linen snoods at the moment!

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  1. Hi Cam,

    Guess what! I just saw that Netflix has "Call the Midwife" available! Season 1, all 6 episodes.

    Season 2 starts on Easter Sunday, 8 p.m., I think—at least for DC-area and Boston-area stations. (I'll be visiting my folks in Southeastern Massachusetts for Easter, so I had to check on that, too!)

    I really do think this is a good series. A friend who is studying to be a midwife says it's good. Neither one of us has had children (still looking out for a good man...), so our assessment of the show's accuracy can only go so far, of course.



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