Sunday, March 31, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Easter Edition!

This has been an... interesting day so far.  Patrick and I left Mass during the readings.  Apparently we discovered a new allergy today and it's one that makes me pretty sad (it's not like there's any that make me "happy" but why can't it ever be something like... oh.. I don't know... liver...).

This past week I'd begun to suspect that Patrick was (is) developing asthma.  I've heard him wheeze.  He'd gasp in and wheeze out, but never for more than thirty seconds or so and never severely.  I made a note of it in my head and thought I'd talk to his doctor and the allergist about it when we go in next week...  Since Paul and I both have asthma, the possibility of our kids having asthma doesn't really come as a huge surprise... but still, we hope...

Paul was holding Patrick and I had Mae when Mass started.  I heard the soft, quiet, baby breath wheezing sound and my head snapper around to meet Paul's eyes.  Patrick wasn't distressed.  He was smiling.  But he was wheezing.  I mouthed "He has asthma!" to Paul who nodded, as I realized that all week I'd forgotten to mention the wheezing episodes to Paul.

Then he started to fuss and look like he was in uncomfortable.  Paul took him to the back.  I brought the girls back a few minutes later because Mae was acting up (she wanted to sing along with the Mass)... which was fortunate because things started getting worse with Patrick.  He started to scream (at least screaming means he's getting air...) and I took him into the hall.  The smell of incense was actually pretty strong in the hall, so we stepped out into the cold outside air (and it certainly felt cold since we'd left our coats in the car since it "wasn't that cold" just walking from the car to the Church).  Patrick started gasping, taking huge gulps of air in.  After a few minutes, of Sadie who'd followed me, complaining that it was cold, we stepped back in.  Instant wheezing.  We stepped out.  Gasping and gulping the thankfully cold air.  

I was beginning to wish I had the car keys.  I dashed in, got the keys, left Sadie with Paul and dashed back out.  And we sat in the car, where Patrick, who's face was red and covered in a rash by that time, fell asleep pretty instantly, his breathing a bit raspy, but much improved.  Paul and the girls were too worried to stay much longer, and so they came out a few minutes later.

I'd been sitting in the car, cuddling Patrick, and wondering what this meant.  You've given me a baby who's allergic to wheat... who breaks out in hives if I receive the Eucharist... and who's now allergic to incense.  Am I supposed to be learning something that I'm just not getting?  Is hammering into my head "your preferences are just preferences and don't really matter?" the theme of the year?    Because apparently it's hard for me not to go instantly to the narcissistic place where Patrick's allergies are about me, although I instantly feel guilty when I do that, because really on my side it's just a minor inconvenience... but at the same time it's hard to think of the hugeness of this if these allergies don't go away as he gets bigger.  I mean corn, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, coconuts, potatoes, bananas and now incense?  It's easier to focus on the here and now than to worry about what happens if these allergies are here to stay.

Does this mean no more TLM for our family?  I mean, you do run into incense more often at the latin mass (which is usually something I like...).  Or are we just going to go to the ordinary form on the bigger feasts when the incense comes out?  I have no idea.  Obviously we can't go to a Mass with incense at this point (I did notice our cathedral had "incense free" Masses in their bulletin online, although it would already have occurred by the time we were forced to leave).  I was actually incredibly grateful to have stumbled across this post this morning, because, as I sat in the car with Patrick thinking about these things, and wondering what comes next, the quote came to mind...

At least the appointment with the allergist is only 8 days away.

Now on to the post I actually planned on writing... deep breath... and go:

We did have fun doing baskets before Mass.  And we had an egg hunt after Mass, out in the cold air that Patrick finds it so easy to breath in.  And of course, I took lots of pictures.  So, after much rambling, here is today's What I Wore Sunday, outfit (It's also my What I Wore for Easter outfit):

The dress is actually my bridesmaid dress from on of my best friends' wedding this summer.  Yes, it's a maternity dress, but the way the pleats fall in actually works pretty well as a non-maternity dress (even if it weren't covered up with a sweater).  The shoes are from Payless, and probably weren't the best choice for carrying Mae for an extended period of time.  I believe that sweater was from the clearance rack at JCPenny's when we were in Montana.  And the belt was taken of my clearance Macy's sweater! 

The girls are wearing their Old Navy outfits and Payless shoes.  And Patrick wore his fancy thrift store button up shirt and sweater with his Old Navy pants.

There's my white lace snood...  which caused a moment of panic when I didn't think I had a single cover in the car because I'd changed bags (and then found three).

Here's Patrick's basket.  I got him a Bunny (which you'll see in a brighter picture below) from Katherine, who writes of Pie and Palestrina, and who has just opened a great Etsy shop, Caritas Creations, that I strongly suggest you all head over to check out!  And he got a print of Saint Patrick from Portraits of Saints, a shop where I could easily spend every penny I make with very little effort!

Here's Sadie's basket with Mae's picture (because apparently when I was setting things up last night I was too sleepy to get it right).  Mae got a Saint Joan of Arc picture.  We'd also gotten her a pretty bracelet from Sarah, that she loved (she loved it so much she wouldn't let me help her put it on and ran around holding it in her hand instead... it's pictured a few pictures below).  Oh and she got a re-gifted bunny that Sadie was given years ago and never played with or showed interest in.  It's been a much bigger hit this year, along with a bunny from Nani, than it was when we first gave it!

Sadie's picture was a little girl Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.  She was excited the Saint Therese was wearing a purple dress!  She also got a crown and a pair of shoes I'd been saving from a sale in the distant past when Disney was having an 80% off plus 10% off plus free shipping sale.  And of course, she also got a beautiful necklace from Sarah's shop, that she loves (and it's had her saying "Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us!" all morning long).

Maggie was the most excited about the treats (she had one piece of candy and a special gluten free granola bar):

(And finally a close up of her bracelet!)

Here's Patrick inspecting his bunny!  It's perfect for him.  He was flinging it around by its ear within seconds!

Late last night I finished dying the eggs.  After we got home it was time to be thankful that it wasn't raining as we headed into the backyard.

Things were still pretty muddy out there:

Mae didn't quite get the idea of a basket to keep her eggs in...

And I'm pretty sure her sister mugged her, since at one point she had six eggs and then suddenly there were only three:

After a five minute dash the eggs had been found:

And Patrick snuggled with Daddy while I made sure that the chicken had finished cooking (it had) and peeled eggs for the girls (I think Sadie has eaten four or five by now):

Here's a random picture of Patrick and Giraffe that I snapped while we were getting ready.  I believe Giraffe had offended him in some way and was in a bit of trouble.

And of course there were the beans.  The girls had earned 197 beans (they looked very small in the bottom of the mason jar... until I counted them).  I had made the mistake of promising each a jelly bean for each bean earned...  And we ran out of jelly beans.  But the bean jar idea was a definite success.  Suddenly everyone was looking for ways to help, on the off chance that they might get a bean..

I'll link up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday, when their post goes up!  And of course this is also, What I Wore Easter!

Camp Patton

I hope you had a wonderful day!  Christ is Risen!


  1. Oh, how lousy!! I had a terrible allergy to incense when I was a kid. (Actually had my throat close up at an Easter Vigil mass, once.) I did, eventually, grow out of it (mostly - I still carry Benedryl at all times, and stuff some down whenever the incense comes out.) Some sorts of incense are more "hypoallergenic" than others.

    Poor Patrick!!!!

  2. There is no incense at low masses obviously...although quiet it is still the extrodinary form....and lovely.

  3. I would discuss a low gluten option for Communion. I use the hosts from the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration with great success. Our priest also has given me the use of a pyx to prevent cross contamination. Gluten free does get better. Honest.

  4. I feel so bad for your sweet baby boy! He needs lots of medical attention at such a young age. Thank God for good doctors!

  5. While I'm not allergic to incense they do cause migraines. I'm usually fine if I'm far away or in the cry room or vestibule. So no tlm mass for me either. My moms the same way but shes worse. She cant even be around perfume or body sprays.

    Second on the gluten free hosts but if hes allergic to wheat it wont work. All hosts have to have some wheat in them. They use some sort of wheat paste in the low gluten ones.

  6. Your dress is such a beautiful blue (and great that you could re-wear your bridesmaid's dress). Love that you and your daughter match too :) Nude heels always look so classy (but can totally see that they would make toting your babe around tricky!) Sorry about the asthma difficulties, praying he feels better soon!

  7. Your poor baby boy. What challenges. Sigh.... Definitely don't blame yourself. You can't allow yourself to stay in that mind frame when you find yourself there. It will eat you up.

    I love how your girls match your outfit — too cute!

  8. We don't have incense at the 9:30am Mass but they do use incense at other times. So dh has found that it gets sucked into the air system and traces blow out. He doesn't go to Mass with us often due to work schedules but I'm looking around for a bearable church with a better ventilation system. (and I do love incense) That link to the article on Lox Populi was profound. It's describing the reality of most parishes. Attending Mass at many of them gives a double meaning to the word "sacrifice". Like as in you're assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and you're putting up with all these people(and possibly the priest) who aren't faithful to the Magisterium. And you're trying to be humble and loving to all of them in the way Pope Francis would urge us to be. It's a timely blog post you wrote as this is something that's on my mind constantly. I've been looking around and every time I find a parish that looks fairly reverential and correct; they of course use incense. (even in the Novus Ordo) :(

  9. So sorry that Patrick seems to have asthma, too! What a constant worry. I know that the allergist appointment cannot possibly come quickly enough!

    I love that gorgeous light teal... what a pretty color!


  10. We know all about asthma here in our house. Incense is a tough one. My son and husband usually end up in the back until it clears. I hope you're able to find a good solution.
    You look beautiful in blue...and I love the snood. Happy, Happy Easter!!

  11. Incense? Oh man, that stinks :( Poor Patrick, and poor you! At least you all look great? Those Easter baskets look awesome - my son LOVES those saint pictures, I might have to get one for him!

  12. You are the queen of making Easter baskets! How beautiful they are, and keeping the focus on Christ.

    As far as the incense, I have the same reaction to incense, it sets off my asthma.

  13. I think that with some incense allergies; including dh's and probably Patrick's (from what you described); sitting in the back isn't enough; you have to not go to a Mass that uses it. (which is sad) Perhaps as he grows; some of these sensitivities will diminish.

  14. Poor baby! Like he hasn't had enough allergy problems without this one...?! I really do hope that he outgrows at least some of these, poor kid. :(

    I'm glad he loves the bunny, though, and that you all seem to have had a happy Easter (aside from the asthma...)! Thanks for the link!

  15. Oh my goodness, poor baby! Hopefully he will outgrow his allergies? That's rough.

    On the plus side, everyone looked lovely in their Easter outfits and your baskets were amazing!

  16. Wow, your baskets are incredible! I hope your poor baby gets his allergies figured out. I know it's very trying on you. My sister went through something similar and it was difficult on her as much as it was on my nephew.


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