Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (1st Edition!)

I've thought about joining the What I Wore Sunday linkup for a while, but I was never organized enough to get a picture of my outfit early enough in the day to not look like a mess.  Last week it was an unfortunate incident involving my clothes and rice flour that eliminated the possibility.  This morning we were actually running ahead of time for once, and the camera was on hand and I remembered to have Paul take a picture!  And this is what I wore to Church today:

From head to toe:

I wore my favorite yellow cotton snood.  It makes me feel so happy and springy when I wear it.  And it matches my giant yellow diaper bag.

My shirt is a nursing top from motherhood maternity.  It's lasted through three babies now and is still a favorite mostly because it's so comfortable.  A cami secret snap on cover makes the v-neck not quite so low so I'm not constantly tugging at it.

The skirt is one I picked up when we were driving cross country.  I found it for less than $10 (I think it was $6) at Ross in El Paso.  It fits when I'm pregnant and when I'm not, which makes it a pretty fantastic piece of clothing.  It is considerably longer now that my stomach is closer to it's former width.

The boots are from Kohl's.  These boots have made life much, much easier.  They aren't as clunky as my snow boots, which feel kind of clunky anytime I'm indoors (especially at Mass).  I disliked wearing the snow boots so much that I'd slip and slide and freeze, so these are a nice, warm compromise.

Also part of the outfit are  navy blue stretch pants that totally don't match, but that can't be seen and that do a pretty good job keeping me warm (and guess what, good news!  It's supposed to be 33 degrees tomorrow!  That's above freezing!  It's practically a heat wave!  Could this mean that spring is upon us?).  And I wore super thick navy blue and yellow rugby socks... which are also exceptinally warm (and hidden under my boots).

And so that is what I wore today to Mass, during the surprising hour when I found myself mouthing things to a certain child in my family like:  "Don't lick the chair in front of you!  No! Don't lick anything.  That includes my hand.  Don't drool on my hand either.  And no, don't drool on the arm of my chair and then stick my hand in the drool."  Sigh.  It totally wasn't the child you would expect either.

On a slightly different note, I got quite a bit of sewing done tonight and even used a bit of "extra" fabric to make a quick skirt.  It might be part of next weeks outfit.  It was a quick, simple project (I finished four projects tonight, so I'm back on track) and I'm happy with how it turned out:

Now to get some rest!  It's practically Monday already!


  1. That skirt is stunning!

    And I had to laugh at your funny comments to your child! Two of mine suddenly were not singing or saying the mass responses today, and I found myself using lots of made-up sign language and mouthing lots more than usual. It was not the most peaceful mass.

  2. Girl. In the 40's by the end of the week. Boom shakalaka!

  3. Love that red skirt! And I honestly found myself telling my 2-year-old to lick her brother's hand yesterday because she wouldn't stop licking the pew, the car seats, the hymnals, me... I don't know what it was!

  4. I never realized how hard it was to keep their little tongues in their mouths until I had kids!

    And in the 40s Dwija! Spring has arrived!

  5. Isn't it funny how clothes grow and change with our bodies, but they often still work? Both skirts are fantastic. I love the length on you.

  6. I think I have those boots! I feel fashionable and they are super functional. Beautiful skirts btw!


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