Friday, March 29, 2013



We spent a while talking about the Easter Story today.  I brought down the crucifix we bought in Bethany and Sadie was fascinated, asking questions and looking at the little nails in the hands and feet.

And finally I couldn't resist and snapped a picture:

The other thing that was pretty today was the weather.  Although Sadie was pretty adamant when we were in the shade that it was still "cold."  I guess she had a point.  The creek and little ponds at the zoo were still pretty much frozen solid... although I think 40s count as "warm" after weeks of highs in the 20s!



Okay, so I've had a problem.  I couldn't find my chili powder anywhere.

And I use chili powder heavily in my cooking.  I would search and search and think "didn't I leave it right there?  Nope, that's the curry powder!  Why's the curry powder out?"

And today I finally realized what I'd done:

By switching the tops I managed to look at the chili powder several dozen times and completely miss it.

I'm glad I'm not really losing my mind!  It really was right where I left it.  And I was looking right at it without seeing it.


Patrick really, really, really wants to crawl.  He can push his upper body up, and then his back side up... just not at the same time.

He has one very strong motivator that's causing him to work so hard on his mobility.  Can you guess who?

Oh yes.  She's asleep on the book shelf.

And here she is rocking her very own toddler MUST WEAR CARDIGAN AND BOOTS style.
He knows that, while Mommy watches him like a hawk, mobility is a plus when Mae Bae thinks your the greatest thing in the world and wants to pick you up and kiss you and dance with you and sometimes try to ride you like a pony during tummy time.

So he's motivated.  He spent a good thirty minutes trying to push himself up into a crawling position this morning.  Although to be honest, I'm not quite ready for him to be mobile...

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