Monday, March 25, 2013

Sheep and Company: Super Cute Hats!

On Friday a package arrived at our house.  I resisted opening it.  "For Easter" I told myself.

I knew what was in it.  I'd placed an order with Sheep and Company, an Etsy business opened by a fellow blogger who I know IRL from our time in Florida when her husband and Paul attended law school together.  Her blog is definitely worth checking out!  She blogs about life with her adorable daughter Abigail and husband Matt and I am eagerly awaiting a time in the not so distant future when she'll live much nearer to us than she does now.  I didn't get to know her very well in Florida, being a sickly recluse who basically locked myself inside for much of the 10 months we were there, and I began reading her blog after we moved and wished I had gotten to know her better (this is a trend with me... my shyness makes me the worse IRL friend-maker ever!).  Anyways I digress.  This post is about the awesome-ness that was in that package and I'm getting distracted.   

On Saturday I thought, I'd just open it up for a quick peak.  And then I'd close it back up and put it away.  But when I saw the cute wrapping that just begged to be opened I couldn't resist.  Especially with Sadie begging to help open them!  After ten seconds of indecision, we were opening early "Palm Sunday Weekend" presents.

Sadie was very, very excited:

And then the photo shoot began.  Sadie wanted her picture taken in her perfectly pink hat:

I ordered Sadie an adult woman's hat, because her head is really big for her age (21 inches!) and her hair is usually up to keep it out of her brother and sister's pull-y little hands.  It is perfect for her and stretched enough for her bun, but works with her hair down too!

Patrick got a cute little red baby hat that he was happy to model for us.

It's still cold here and this is perfect for our outside time for the little guy. 

They were pretty goofy as I attempted to get cute pictures.

Then Sadie asked, can Mae be in a picture too?

Unfortunately Mae is a bit more difficult to catch on camera.  She's just so quick!

And while she loved her hat and was practicing putting it on and taking it off over and over again (and was very clear about not needing my help), she was not enthusiastic about me snapping a picture of it.  Sadie insisted we try though.

Sadie, in danger of being pinched, for her longed for "sister picture."

At least by the last picture we almost got a smile.  Mae seemed to realize how silly she was being!

Paul got a men's hat too, which is perfect for his bike rides to school... but he wasn't home for the photo shoot and isn't as willing to pose for me on blog photo shoots.

But seriously!  Head over to Sheep and Company!  These hats are amazing!!! The yarn feels so, so nice.  And as a knitter I tend to be a yarn snob!  Jacquelyn does custom orders (and she's fast!).  And the prices are almost impossible to pass up (homemade hats for around $10-$14!!!  And look at this one!!!  So cute!).  


  1. Hahaha, that last picture is amazing! XD

    I wasn't aware that you are a knitter! I guess you don't have a ton of time to knit what with all the sewing that happens in your house. Knitting was my first love but I haven't been doing much of it lately either. If you do get around to knitting at some point please do share with us on your blog! Looking at pictures of knitting is second only to actually knitting :D

  2. Love your blog Cam. Nothing cuter than pretty babies in fuzzy knit hats! Maybe I should finally go finish the one I started before Christmas...


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