Sunday, October 30, 2011

The 15 Month Frown

Sometime around 15 months old our kids seem to develop a rather dramatic little frown, that seems to pop up when they're having their pictures taken.  This led, about a year and a half ago, to the "Sadie Frown" being awarded, not infrequently, on my blog.  

This particular picture, my favorite of the Sadie Frowns, taken in October of 2009:  

A little over two years later Mae Bae is now 15 months old.  Yesterday Paul captured an expression that very much reminded me of my favorite Sadie frown.  Mae wasn't thrilled I was pulling her hair back out of her face.  This picture was the result:

I have a feeling that a new age of frowning pictures is about to begin...


  1. They look the same when they frown. It's too cute. I notice both involve Paul. Is this just a coincidence.

  2. Baroness, I couldn't but help notice the same thing. The only thing I could offer is that our girls do like to emulate mommy and perhaps this is their little way of doing so. That and dresses...


  3. Well it looks as if no one is touching this thread now with a 10 ft pole...


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