Monday, October 10, 2011

A Post That Isn't For the Squeamish...


I'm praying to avoid another trip to the ER.  I'm not sure what my odds are at this point.  I guess they're probably better if I can lay perfectly still and not move, but in this house, that is... unlikely...

I was pretty uncomfortable all day yesterday, but I was also feeling pretty cheerful.  If you have a week stomach, the frequent warning to stop here is in effect from this point forward.  The estrogen seemed to work almost immediately and after two months of bleeding it had completely stopped.  I took it easy though.  The girls were both sick with a fever/cold, and I was wondering when the antibiotics would kick the infection and the pain would subside, but I felt better after reading that the antibiotics I was given are used to treat the bubonic plague and anthrax.  After all, if they can kill the bubonic plague, I'm sure they can take care of "inflammation."   We decided that the girls and I certainly had enough reason to miss Mass, and we laid around and watched princess movies for most of the day.

Sadie and I even unpacked her train set, which Nani and Grumpa gave her for her birthday, and I watched as she began to use it to take over the entire house (if you ever think about getting the Melissa and Doug train set just know that it is awesomely gigantic).  Dinner was in the oven and bedtime was only a couple of hours away when I carried Mae into the kitchen to fill her sippie cup and felt it start... enormous amounts of blood.  It was almost like my water breaking, but it wasn't amniotic fluid.  In trying to put it into a measurement, I would say cups and cups.  I called for Paul and gave him Mae and stumbled into the bathroom.  The bleeding lasted, on and off, for about three to five minutes.  The only way I can really give an amount to how much there was, is that I flushed the toilet twice as I was leaving the bathroom and the flushes couldn't handle that much blood.  Paul told me he flushed it twice more before it actually managed to drain everything out.  Needless to say it was a lot.

I was lightheaded and my hands felt numb as I lay back, thinking, we don't have insurance... and we don't know if our new insurance will pay the previous days trip, and I'm sure this is thousands and thousands of dollars.    Paul and I agreed that if the bleeding didn't stop, we would have to head to the ER.  I convinced him to wait to see.  And for now, as long as I'm laying down, it seems to have stopped.

So I'm relying heavily on Go Diego Go (because that's pretty much the only think that keeps Mae distracted... when Sadie puts on a princess DVD, Mae brings me a Diego DVD and will put it in my hand and start to whine) to get through the day.  And I'm praying that we have really reached a turning point.

Today we're going to the hospital where I miscarried to get the records, because there's a doctor about an hour away who wants to see them and who might see me.  And I'm just praying we turn a corner and really start to see an improvement, because this is all kind of crazy.  We found out that the baby had no heart beat two months ago yesterday. In terms of health I'm ready to put this behind us...


  1. I find myself thinking of/praying for you often in these last few days. Thank you for keeping us updated - you have many cyberfriends who care and are concerned.

  2. My sister-in-law lost 2 sets of twins around 21 weeks each time. The first time, they did not do a D&C...she started bleeding out 2 months later and nearly died while waiting in the ER. Why did the doc you went to the other day only give you estrogen (especially with your history of migraine with aura!) and not order a D&C? It sounds like your body still might have something attached to the uterus and the body is convinced you're still pregnant. You might start asking for the D&C...just to make sure you don't REALLY enter the danger zone!

  3. I am also praying for you. This all makes me think that God sends sufferings to the ones He loves the most. Try to keep seeing a doctor these days, Cam, especially if the bleeding doesn't stop. I really hope you get better soon. I will keep praying.

  4. Hello. I sent an email to the thiswomansplace gmail account. I came across your blog and live in the area. We moved for my husband to attend Ave Maria. Would you be willing to contact me privately. You and your family are in our prayers. Rebecca

  5. Praying for you, Cam. Thinking of you often, as you struggle through this. :(

  6. Oh, dear. Praying for your health and well-being.


  7. So it starts up again when you stand up or only when you are active? If its when you stand up, you can be sure that it is merely pooling while you are laying down and has not stopped. Please go to the er asap if that is the case! Praying for you...

  8. Prayers here too. It is disgusting that you must go to the first hospital to get the records. They should fax them to the new doctor for you!!

    Telling a mother with toddlers to rest is one of those things that makes me wonder where doctors keep their brains since they seem not to use them all that often. (sorry, not real happy with the majority of the medical profession--LOL!)

    DO go to the doctors, and do keep on calling them and updating them on what is happening. If you don't call they will assume everything is fine.

  9. Praying. It is hard to see you suffering so physically on top of the emotional suffering.

    May the wounds that Jesus received for our healing be faithful in bringing you healing!

  10. Rebecca,

    Thanks for offering to help Cammie.

    I'm actually really worried for you Cam. The Baron and I talked about me going over to help if you need someone. (That's how much we care.)
    Really if you want me I'll try to work something out.

  11. Praying for you! Do not avoid seeing a doctor if you need it...God will help you work out a way to pay for the bills! I know our parish does this, maybe yours does too, but they take up a collection every once in awhile for those in need...for exactly things like this - bills, food, children's needs, etc. You might call up your local parish (or the Knights of Columbus branch at your local parish) and see if they can assist you! There also might be a ladies group at your local parish who could help you watch your girls so you can rest. But if you're bleeding that much I think you might really need to see (at least call) your doctor...

    If I was in your state I'd come on over and watch your girls for you! I"m hundreds of miles from where you live, unfortunately!

    Could your parents fly in and help you out for a week or two?

  12. Please go to the hospital if you keep bleeding (and as Brenda said, even if it's "only" when you stand up). Your life is not something to mess with and if you're concerned about cost, well that's only going to go up if you wait too long.

    Also, a quick Google search for insurance at the school I thought your husband went to showed that there's a student plan that full-time students without other coverage are automatically added to. Is it possible you could have coverage through that?

  13. *hugs* I'm praying for you too!


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