Thursday, October 27, 2011


At Sadie's age, not being invited to a party, is usually not a big deal.  After all, its not like she goes to school where everyone is talking about it.  But today I wanted to put her in a little bubble and make all her cares go away, because a birthday party, complete with hats and cake and tons of kids, was directly outside our living room window, and apparently everyone else in the entire world was invited.

If I was up and about I would have taken the girls out to get ice cream or go to the park, or go anywhere other than here with the party right there, with Sadie wondering why she wasn't down there too.

And of course I'm doing a not great job at not being really super sad that Sadie's feeling... the way she's feeling... which is probably a result of just having surgery and being on peroacet, mixed with natural momma bear emotions.

And maybe it's because I feel a little bit guilty too.  Being sick for the last three months has meant that I haven't been able to go to every single event and activity, and it's meant I haven't been able to go down and sit with everyone else and socialize every night.  Being shy played into it too... Maybe if I wasn't shy I would have felt like going down and hanging out, but when you mix sick with shy a person often finds themselves feeling weary at the very idea of going down and mingling.

On a happy note, the surgery went well, and I think that this really is it.  So hopefully I will be a bit more able to go to events soon.  And maybe my socializing a little more will mean that Sadie doesn't find herself sitting in a window, watching everyone else have a blast at a birthday part, any time soon.


  1. I relate to the shyness. I'm very much an introvert by nature and have to make myself go out and be social. If I don't feel totally well and rested I don't socialize and so an illness that lasts would just about kill what little social life I have.

    I'm praying for your full recovery.

  2. Poor baby. Is there a mom's group at your parish? Maybe a secular mom's group that gets together for park playdates and such? Some of my very best friends I met at our Methodist preschool, several years ago. These connections are so important for kids - AND moms - and they're at the age where YOU can select who their friends are. When you're well, get out there and find a nice group - they really do exist. They might not parent exactly as you do, but they will be good women with nice children : ) I have learned so, so much from my fellow mother friends!

  3. We've found a playgroup that's really great and have been making friends around here, it's just this whole being sick thing that's been keeping us inside. I'm really hoping that's over now though!

    I did feel better after writing this and finding out the party was put on my parents we really don't know well... It was just kind of hard since pretty much every other family on campus apparently does know them well...

    I'm not supposed to drive for a week, but hopefully I'll be taking her to preschool bible study on mondays, story time on tuesdays, a walk/playdate with some of our friends on campus on thursdays and playgroup friday! That is one great thing about our area! There are lots of mom groups!


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