Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another "Bed Day"

We're taking it easy.  I am calling to make a follow up appointment today (yay!) where I'll hopefully find out what "2.2 cm dominant cystic anechoic lesion" means.  The only other clue to anything (to my untrained eyes) were the words "acute exacerbation" but since they were all by themselves they didn't mean anything (to me).  Exacerbation of what?  Anyways... hopefully we'll get some (more) answers soon.

Sadie's dubbed our staying home days: "Bed Days!" because she has her comforter and pillow out in the Living Room and we stay in our PJs most of the time (at least the girls do).

Sadie also cleaned the living room for me yesterday.  By bedtime it was spotless (or at least all the toys were picked up).  She put all her train pieces in a basket and then looked around the clean living and said: "Now we can dance!"

Now for pictures!

This is Mae Bae's Favorite Seat in the House.  She's standing in it right now, holding a Dora microphone...

How many kids can my picnic basket hold?  I think two is maximum capacity (or a little over maximum capacity with our big babies!).

The most frequently heard words in this house lately: "Please don't jump off that chair."
Followed by: "Please don't jump from the chair to the couch."
And:  "If you do that, I'm not saving you."
Which is nearly always followed by a rescue of some sort....

Sadie and Mae were sitting on my lap, being cuddly when we heard Paul come back in before a class to get a book.  Sadie yelled out: "Daddy, come take our picture!"  So he did!  She's not camera shy!

A game of indoor golf has started since I began writing, with a possible scuffle over one of the clubs.  It ended with Sadie trying to make Mae take the golf ball, and Mae getting the fire truck train and climbing up in a chair.  I think a chair probably is the safest place for all of us with the golf game going.    

Uh oh.  Sadie is trying to hand Mae a golf club and get her to sword fight with it.  I think this requires all of my attention...

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  1. The "lesion" is apparently a cyst of some sort (ovarian, I would guess...a very typical occurrence) and the "acute exacerbation" means a sudden worsening of something (likely your symptoms.)

    I hope you get some good, clear answers and find out what's going on. Please continue to rest as much as possible. We don't want any further "acute exacerbations"! ;)



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