Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Shrimp Bisque Recipe

I was trying to follow a recipe for Shrimp Bisque, but after finishing the instructions and tasting it I discovered that I wasn't a fan.  Quite a few modifications and new ingredients later, I discovered this combination, which I actually like.  It is a little light on shrimp, because I only had a small bag, so feel free to add more (I think 1 /12 lbs would be similar to what the initial recipe would have called for if it had been this size...):

1 medium onion
4 tbs minced garlic
4tbs olive oil
3 tbs flour
3 cups water
1 ½ cups heavy whipping cream
4 tbs chili powder
1 cube chicken bouillon
3 tbs cumin
1 tbs coriander
3 tbs garlic powder
½ pound small shrimp, cleaned, deveined and minced
1 ½ cups sour cream
1 can cream of corn
1 can cream of mushroom
1 package cream cheese

Saute onions, garlic and  olive oil until onions are tender and then add flour.  Once the flour is completely mixed in add, water, whipping cream, chili powder, chicken bouillon, cumin coriander and garlic powder.  Add shrimp.  Cook for ten minutes.  Add sour cream, cream cheese, cream of corn and cream of mushroom.  Stir.  Simmer until cream cheese is melted.  Serve with avocado and crumbled lime tortilla chips (optional, but pretty good on most soups!)  


  1. Ooh, very nice. This gives me an idea.

  2. I tried the begal pizza. I'd never thought to do that before. It was delicious. Thanks for the idea! (Wop't be doing the shrimp thing though, I hate shrimp. Glad you guys like them though)
    RM in MO


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