Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Perfect First Communion/ Flower Girl Dress!

If I had a little girl who was getting ready for her first communion this year this would be my dream first communion dress (with a little matching white bolero, which Maria also can make!).  It's just so beautiful! Although at the sizes our girls are growing I would probably have to ask for a larger size to be made than an 8!

Maria made this dress for Susi's presentation and I can't stop looking at the pictures of it!  Maria's blog, Crafty Catholic Mamacita, was the main blog that inspired me to start sewing, a couple of years ago as I watched her making more and more complex and beautiful dresses!

I can also picture this as one of the most beautiful flower girl dresses I've ever seen!

I'm a big fan.  And I just had to share with you this morning because this picture is just so cute and this dress is so beautiful!


  1. This is my favorite style of first communion dresses.

  2. Aww,I didn't realize how much I inspired you. I was always inspired by your rosaries and snoods and how you started your own etsy shop. In fact it was you who was my main inspiration to start an Etsy shop, Cam!!

    Now I will have to find a way to make the pattern in larger sizes... I don't think Susi will fit into a size 8 either by the time she makes her first communion, not with the way she is growing. Guess I better get started on making more First Communion dresses now.

  3. I remember reading your posts (especially when you were making the little... I think it was purple? dress) and thinking, "I want to be able to sew and do that!" I love seeing the beautiful dresses your making now!

    I have a feeling I'm going to keep sewing more and more because when I see the dresses that are above Sadie's current 6X size in big stores and I find myself thinking: "There is no way any child I have is going to be caught dead in that!" It's like size 7 and up becomes little adult fashion... and I'm not okay with that on my not yet four year old!

  4. I know isn't it terrible! I am kind of planning to keep my girls little as long as possible.

  5. Cam, That was definitely a big motivation for me too. It is so hard to find modest clothes, even for toddlers. I remember the purple dress you are talking about, I loved all the ruffles on it and was sad when Susi outgrew it. The hard part will be finding patterns for Susi when she outgrows size 8. I think I will have to eventually learn how to draft my own patterns. I think we can create our own modest movement on Etsy and other people will follow suit.


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