Monday, October 17, 2011

More Than One Way to Wear a Snood!

As someone who spends a lot of time making snoods, and a lot of time wearing snoods, I've discovered some different twists on my same old headcoverings.  Some days when I'm home working around the house I might not feel like wearing an entire snood, but I still appreciate having my hair mostly pulled back out of my face (and my hair constantly escapes my buns!).  Frequently I use this variation (which coincidentally works with all of my snoods!):

I start with a bun.

I put the snood on just like I normally would (after turning it inside out!)...

But I wrap the tie around my bun, winding it from the top to the bottom:

And then making a neat bow under the bottom of my bun:

Some days I stop and wear the snood like this (which kind of looks like a tichel): 

Then all I do is grasp the front:

And pull it back:

And voila!  My bun is controlled, my hair is securely back and I have one of my favorite styles (that I used to usually create with a scarf) with one of my favorite snoods!

And if you're interested in doing this with a scarf, click here!


  1. At the risk of sounding ridiculous (and forgive me, 'cause I realize this is probably a silly question), but does wearing the snood in this manner (just covering the bun) "count" when attending Mass?

    I'm asking because I honestly don't know the answer. I feel like "no" because it's technically not a "head" covering at that point so much as a "bun" covering, but considering how cute it is, I wonder if it's still allowable since a woman's "hair" is what is referenced in the Bible, not her head so much as her hair.

    Just curious, 'cause I really think that's cute!

  2. Hi Gina-

    Since it's not a requirement I think it's pretty much open to being personally interpreted. I tend to cover a bit more at Mass and would feel kind of uncomfortable with only my bun covered, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it, since most people aren't covered at all! It could also be great starting place for someone who was nervous about covering!

  3. This is slightly off topic of snoods but relates to covering your head. I have read that you cover your head most of the time outside the house as a sign of submission to God but do you also believe women should not cut their hair? A few years before becoming Catholic I belonged to a Jesus-only holiness church that preached uncut hair, skirts only, no jewelry, a married woman's hair always up or covered. The covering showed submission to the men in authority over us. So if you lived in my area, you would be mistaken for either a German Baptist, think Amish with electricity, or a Pentecostal holiness person. Personally, after several years of living in only skirts with uncut hair always up, to show my submission to my abusive ex-husband, it would truly be an act of God to want to go there again. Even after 8+ years in my present sacramental marriage, I struggle not to think of myself as only an extension of my husband's will. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying snoods are bad(wore a lovely lacy one while doing historical reenactments), they seem to be positively looked on but not demanded by the church. What is a beautiful sign of love to you, can be a sign of loss of person to me because we have traveled a different road. That said, I would think you were Pentecostal if I ran into you in the grocery store here in VA. Here Catholics are few and far between and we look like the average person. Do you get mistaken for Amish or Pentecostal?

  4. Nope, I cut my hair. I guess that would be from the whole "shorn" thing in the same verse of Corinthians? It tends to be longer than shoulder length, because I like it to be up out of the way, so it has to be long enough to go into a bun, but I have Paul cut it when it gets too tangly. I'd probably have it done more regularly if I remembered, but when it starts to get unmanageable it reminds me to cut it.

    I think here I'd most likely get mistaken for an orthodox jewish woman (although with my arms uncovered because of the intense heat they'd probably just be confused!).

    And I'm so sorry that you went through that! I'm glad that you escaped!


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