Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Little Bit of a Sugar Rush...

Now for something a little more lighthearted...

I told Paul that I was going to title this video: "What it's like to have girls." 

He was just getting over wincing every time Sadie almost knocked Mae over, as she sprinted past (being at school much of the day he doesn't get to see them being rough and tumble quite as often as I do) and suggested that all girls may not be quite like this.

Sadie did have a little bit of sugar.  I think that may have added to the general wildness.  And Mae was just thrilled to be chasing her sister around the room.


  1. I aim my Little Tiger at the boys at playgroups and at the older kids.... this one falls, shakes it off and keeps going, and going, and going.... :)

  2. Your kids crack me up. Poor Paul probably didn't have a clue when they were born just now much energy a young girl can store up and how much excess there is on top of that.


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