Monday, October 10, 2011

"What is Mary Therese Doing right now?"

When I walked into the room wearing a comfy knit black dress today Sadie said: "You look like Holy Baby."  She followed this quickly with:  "Where's my Holy Baby dress?"  So I went and got it and she put it on and looked around and said: "I look like Holy Baby...  I look like a nun!  I look like Mary Therese!"  Apparently the movie we watched the other day about Saint Therese made a big impression.  

She walked around the house for the rest of the day in her dress saying: "What is Mary Therese doing right now?"  And then I would answer with whatever she was doing and she would smile and ask again a few seconds later.  Here's a little video of Sadie in her All Saint's Day dress:

She was my little helper today.  When Mae started crying at one point Sadie went and found Mae's favorite train (which belongs to Sadie) and brought it to her.  Mae's face broke into a huge smile.  Both girls were very cuddly, and while I felt pretty sick today, the estrogen seems to be doing its job and there were no thoughts of whether or not I'd need a transfusion.

Thank you to all those who've offered to help out around here!  I've been trying to keep it as close to normal as possible since Sadie and Mae have both been so panicky about every single change since I spent Saturday in the hospital.  Any time I leave the room they both panic...

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