Saturday, January 21, 2012

And the Diagnosis is...

...something like Lactational Amenorrhea... but with anovulatory cycles, instead of an absence of cycles altogether.

Amelia (who has some great recipe's you might be interested on her Gluten free blog) made that suggestion yesterday and when I went in and began talking with my doctor she agreed that she believes that this is exactly what is going on.

Basically because I was 14 weeks along when I miscarried and then had another 11 weeks of retained "debris" with positive pregnancy tests, my body has something like 25 weeks of pregnancy hormones.  When I'm pregnant my milk supply does dip dramatically, after the D&C I did notice that it went back to normal (toddler normal, so nothing dramatic, but there was a definite increase).  So...  it look like this means that my body think that I'm nursing a newborn right now (or is just really confused about what's going on) and we've gone into anovulatory cycles as a result (maybe because the toddler doesn't nurse enough to completely stop everything?).

It will be kind of interesting to see how long this lasts since we don't even come close to meeting any of the criteria for ecological breastfeeding (obviously) at this point.  She nurses 1-2 times a day, in the morning and sometimes at night.  She still sleeps with a pacifier in a crib (this could be it's own post... we co-slept with Sadie... I expected to co-sleep with Mae.  Mae was not having it.  Mae needs her space.  And she needs a lot of it.).  In the past nursing has meant exactly 6 months of non-fertile time.  We are planning to wean in... around 6 months... although I'd imagine it won't last that long with the serious lack of nursing time.  I wouldn't think nursing 20 minutes a day would prevent ovulation for too long.

My poor General Practioner.  I like her a lot, but I know my teariness on the subject makes her uncomfortable!  She's a very stoic woman with a strong Eastern European accent.  She asked me when my OB had said we were okay to try again and I told her that I'd been to sooner is better. Her response was that that put a lot of pressure on me, but that the cardiology report says that I'm as "healthy as a horse" and that she think the biggest problem is (surprise, surprise) anxiety from the whole experience.  She said she'd really like to prescribe me Xanax, but that that wouldn't be a good idea since my cycles might restart at any time.  

Anyways, some time in the midst of this conversation I burst into tears and started sobbing hysterically (talk of the miscarriage in person does this to me... this likely confirmed her thoughts on the whole "anxiety about the miscarriage" thing).  I would have laughed when she said "You American women and crying..." if I hadn't been crying.

I am glad we found her, because she actually seems to have a firm grasp on how women's bodies work and that we can actually know things about them and our cycles.  When I said I've had two anovulatory cycles she didn't say:  "How can you possibly know that?"  She just nodded and made a note of it.  That's refreshing and I do feel blessed to have an OB and a GP that both understand how women's bodies work!

I am still getting blood work to check my thyroid, but she seems to think that everything, include the resting heart rate of 100-ish, is the result of stress from the miscarriage.

And so I guess now we wait and see.  At least she seemed to think that this should be very temporary.

I am ready to skip the next... oh... four or so weeks...  talk about anxiety.. I'm really dreading February 7th (the due date).  I'd like to fast forward past it... a couple of weeks.  I will just have to make sure we stay really, really busy that day...


  1. I am so glad you have doctors you love! Doctors, when they are good, are very comforting.

    Your body will return to ovulation soon, dear. God is in His Heaven, all is well...maybe He's just waiting so we can be pregnant at the same time! I do apologize though if I'm holding you back :)

  2. Wow, I've never been mentioned in anyone else's blog before. How exciting! I feel so honored. ;)

    Glad you have an answer and I hope you return to full fertility SOON!

  3. What excellent news! So your body is reacting to an abnormal situation (botched m/c treatment) in a very normal (nursing amenorrhea) way! So glad there is no scary reason for your heart rate, too.

    So, the bottom line here is...relax, "let go and let God."

    God bless!


  4. Praise God! Praying that you are able to know full freedom from anxiety and a full return to fertility. :)

  5. The anxiety is so normal and I feel for you! I'll offer up my end of pregnancy misery for your intentions.

    A dear friend of mine lost a baby at birth and she was a mess for a long time-- it is just miserably difficult to grieve a loss AND deal with the hormonal imbalances that mess with emotions, AND be coming up on the due date, AND wanting to be pregnant again. Meltdowns are normal with all that on your plate. A good cry now and then is a good thing.

  6. As someone who has been through something that sounds startlingly similar to what you are describing, I would talk to your GP about Busparine if you have any concerns about anxiety. During my latest pregnancy, and even after, I used it because of my anxiety. Don't feel bad about crying, I still do it, especially in the doctor's office... any my son would be 2 years old February 13.

  7. Oh good! Sorry about all the tears, but glad to hear there are answers coming and a light at the end of the tunnel!

  8. That must be such a relief to have a diagnosis!

  9. I am so happy that you have a diagnosis and it sounds like your body is "reacting normally" and things will get back to normal soon!

    You are still in my prayers!

    I recommend Chamomile Tea for stress and anxiety.


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