Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of Pie and Palestrina

I just had to write a quick post pointing you all towards a great new blog.  Katherine is writing "Of Pie and Palestrina" and it's definitely worth following!   I've been meaning to write a longer post, talking about all the great blogs I've been stumbling across lately, but I always end up sewing or writing about something else at the last moment, and so until I get organized enough to actually make a list, it's probably best that I just share as I go along!

Her latest post talks about the modern relevancy of a great play, and shows that the terrible choice our government is asking religious men and women to make in the coming year, in violation of their consciences, is nothing new.  It's the play that inspired one of my shops' names and a play that Paul was assigned to read and that then watch during orientation (the movie version) before class began this year.

Katherine's Life List post is another favorite of mine (I think I could have written it!)!

So I'd definitely recommend checking it out!


  1. That play is one of my favorites out of every single play out there! I probably watch the movie at least, along with Becket, every three months or so. I love your blog, have been following it for a couple of years, and have been thinking about buying a snood from you for a long time now. You offer beautiful things in your shops and write wonderful things here! Take care and god bless you!

    ~ Victoria

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Cam; I really appreciate it! You wouldn't BELIEVE the spike in readers I got nearly tripled my total number of hits!

    God bless you and yours.


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