Monday, January 2, 2012


Thomist is a bit unbearable when it comes to the most popular posts section towards the bottom of the sidebar.  You see way back in the day, when my blog was a brand new baby blog, an atheist came on and attempted to show me what he imagined was the error in my way of thinking, setting off a debate the likes of which this blog has not seen since.

A series of posts followed, authored by Thomist and the debate continued.  One of those posts is still, by far, the most popular post ever written on my blog.  It's always on the list of popular posts, and it's usually at the top.  It still receives quite a few hits every day (see me not linking to it!  I'm not encouraging him!).

Thomist checks in to see if he's "winning" rather frequently.  He's a little disappointed when he's not.  But he's not disappointed often, because usually his post is #1.

I've pointed out that this probably means he should start his own blog.  But he has had the rather worthy excuse of being busy with school for the past four years and so, so far, he remains unconvinced.

At this moment he's in second place.  But that is only because I changed the settings to show the top monthly posts, because if I went for all time hits he'd be "winning" by a lot.

Maybe I'll convince him to start his own blog in a few more years when he's done with school!  Or in summer...  What do you think Thomist?


  1. Gee, and the search words that top my google list for incoming traffic to my blog are "potty wet accident." LOL

  2. I think Thomist should. I think he can count on at least one automatic reader.

  3. See even in posting about it you made his numbers go up! I hadn't read it, so I had to go track it down and read it, and then make my husband read it...
    His own blog would be interesting to me if only to see the interactions and differences between a husband and wife's blog! Such as, what events int heir lives do they mark as blog-worthy? Does she write mostly about events, he about ideas, or vice versa, or a mix?
    I'm always up for another good Catholic blog to read...

  4. I would love to. If I can ever find the time. I put it down about 6 years ago and I haven't found it since!


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