Friday, January 6, 2012

Little Christmas

Sadie and Mae both received a few books today for Little Christmas.  They were actually presents that I'd bought a while back and put away for Christmas, and completely forgotten about.  Sadie was excited to find two Gospel Coloring Books, that she immediately set to work coloring, and a copy of Therese the Little Flower of Lisieux.  Mae ignored her two gifts, which were My First Pictures of Christmas and My First Pictures of Mary (although Sadie loved them!).  

While Mae was taking her nap this afternoon Sadie and I sat down and read her Saint Therese book.  She loved it.  It's not the shortest book, and the pages have a lot of words for a three year old, but she was enthralled (I think it would have been too much if it hadn't been about Saint Therese!).  She asked me to read it again, when Mae Bae was awake, and I promised to read it before bedtime.  With the girls snuggled into bed we started reading and this time Sadie was full of questions and comments.  "Is that Therese?  What is she doing?" were questions frequently heard.  Followed by: "I want to be a nun!"  And then:  "What's Car-a-mel?  Is she in Carmel yet?" My personal favorite may have been this snippet of a conversation:

Sadie:  "What is that?"
Me:  "A kneeler."
Sadie:  "I want one."
Me:  "Maybe we'll have one in our house someday..."
Sadie:  "I want one.... and a yellow dress too!"

The little girl Therese who was kneeling in the picture was wearing a yellow dress.

Which brings me to Sadie's latest comment/question that follows me around throughout the day.  Whether she's looking at an American Girl catalog or turning the pages of her Saint Therese book she'll frequently ask:  "Do we have this fabric?" while pointing to a dress.  When I say no (because we don't have the exact fabric) she'll say:  "Yes we do.  We have pink.  We have pink fabric."  Apparently this is when I'm supposed to volunteer to run and get my sewing machine and whip whatever dress she's pointing to, right up.  Because she thinks I'm a little slow on the uptake she'll sometimes make herself a bit clearer by adding:  "Can you make me this dress?"

Her belief that I make pretty much everything does make shopping with her easier.  She doesn't expect things to come from the store... but I think she has a dozen or so projects she'd like me to get to work on!

(Book pictures from Magnificat links seen above.)


  1. I barely remember when my mother put needle and thread into my hands the first time. I DO remember a little tiny metal sewing machine that had a crank for making the needle go up and down, and then a plastic "sewing" machine that used glue cartriges. I made doll clothing very very very BADLY in those days but it was a beginning. Sounds like someone needs to begin with some little sewing or fabric project. She will be making her own clothing in no time! :)

  2. They still make American Girl dolls? I soooo wanted the Kirsten doll when I was little but they were too expensive.

  3. Aw I've been looking for some good books like that! Thanks!


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