Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Evil and Abortion. The Story of One Clinic.

As Catholics we know that there's a war going on between good and evil and that we are the Church Militant, here on earth, battling for our souls.  Very rarely do we see things that are so clearly evil that there's really no other explanation for what's going on.  The abortion clinic in Rockford was one of those instances.  I'd heard stories and seen video clips of the craziness in the past and every time the word "demonic" came to mind.  Matt Archbold has a great post on the story, and an ending (at this particular mill at least) that I hadn't heard, but definitely wanted to share.


  1. Wow, what an amazing story. I remember the abortion mills in San Antonio where very similar. The guy would stand out there and video tape all of us demonstrators. Really creepy...

  2. I lived near Rockford years ago, and use to pray outside that mill. "Demonic" really is the only word for it; the place was horrifying. The guy who owned the building lived in it, and used to scream profanities and obscenities at the prolifers through a sound system he'd rigged in the trees outside the building.

    The health department's findings didn't surprise me in the least; just from the way the outside looked, I would have fled screaming if I'd been sent there to have an ingrown toenail taken care of, much less a surgical abortion! And call me a stodgy traditionalist, but when I have surgical procedures done I like to know that the autoclaves used to sterilize the instruments actually, well, sterilized . So much for the inherent safety of legal abortions...a back alley might be cleaner!

  3. I think the local stand and pray people video their own people for proof they did not break any laws. I see a camera out there a lot when they have a large number praying. :) I pray every time I pass that place for the deluded people who work there and that the place would shut down, and I pray for the protestors who stand and pray in all sorts of weather that they be safe and blessed.

    I'm delighted whenever one closes!


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