Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Tuesday Morning Primary Rant

I didn't watch the debate last night.  At this point I'm too depressed by the idea that Romney is likely going to be the Republican nominee.

I'm sick of the endorsements and commercials that tell us that Romney has the "best chance of beating Obama."  Seriously?  I feel like we're being told:  "This is as good as it gets.  You might as well settle."  It's like telling a woman that she needs to marry some loser because she's probably not going to get a better offer.

And when has settling ever been a good thing?

I agree with Huntsman's earlier statement that Romney is reminiscent of a well greased weather vein, that I heard quoted yesterday.  He goes whatever way the wind blows to get elected.  I believe he would say whatever it takes to get elected.

I don't believe for a second that he would fight for the unborn if it wasn't convenient of the trend of the moment.

I've seen too many politicians that were solidly "pro life" sell the unborn down the river over the years to trust a guy with a record like this:


I hate that there's a good chance I'm going to have to vote for this guy in November.  Because will I vote for him over Mr. A-Baby-Born-Alive-Should-Be-Put-In-A-Closet-To-Die.  You bet.

I'll admit that every time I see him ahead in the polls I want to yell at the TV "Why?!?!?!"

You all know I'm for Santorum.  But really anyone who's on that stage would be better that "settling" for this guy because he "might" win.


  1. I hear you! I think, "Out of 300+ million people in country, THIS is as good as conservatives can get?!" It's just like in 2008 when it was McCain's "time" to be the nominee, so that is who the Republican establishment pushed on us. Now it is "time" for Romney to ascend to the nomination and it is disgusting. And you know the media is gleeful at the prospect of boring old, flip-flopping, mealy-mouthed moderate Romney vs. the "dynamic" Obama. Yet another year of holding our noses at the ballot box. :^(

  2. I completely agree. It enrages me to hear Catholics sell Santorum up the river for this slicker-up used car salesman. I won't hold my nose...I'll write in.

  3. I agree with every word, Cam! I saw on twitter yesterday where someone asked, "Why would we nominate the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama?" Has he improved, er flip-flopped, enough to beat him this time? Or, are we just sick enough of Obama's failed presidency to give this guy 'his turn?' Oh wait, that's what we did four years ago - we gave McCain 'his turn' and look where that got us... I pray for Rick Santorum and his family to truly speak and do the will of God in this campaign. AND that people's hearts will be directed by His will as well.

  4. While Rick Santorum may be a good family man, he is far from a man we want to run our country and he hardly lives his faith out in a public forum. Pro-life, sure, defender of marriage, yep, but the man supports killing innocent men and women because they have a different ideology from him. Here is an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0imqLFtPk4s (and we wonder why people hate America)

    Furthermore Mr. Santorum supported known pro-choice Senator Arlen Spector over a pro-life candidate Pat Toomey. http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/Santorum-Haunted-Pro-abortion-Specter/2011/12/31/id/422684, to possibly further his career.

    We cannot continue to support mediocrity or a candidate who makes us "feel good" because he had seven kids, "homeschools" and is of the same faith as us. He has proved time and time again that he is not willing to carry his faith in to a public forum and for that alone is not worthy of our precious voice and vote in government.

    I am not a Romney supporter either (and I have yet to find one in real life or within two degrees of me via social media) but I do support Dr. Ron Paul and will vote for him in the upcoming Georgia Primary and I encourage you to vote for him in the Florida primary, if you are able. He has a real chance to win against Romney and in the General Election against Obama.

  5. I wouldn't count Santorum out yet, he's doing well with the actual votes (the part that matters).

  6. Beth- You're entitled to your opinion but I've written before why I can't and won't support Dr. Paul. Sorry. He leaves to much to the states. I'm not a libertarian. My daughter's incredibly allergic to pot smoke and pollen. Think, visit to the ER if she's around either the smoke or the plants. You might want to check out this post to understand my passion about the subject and why I won't ever support a candidate that thinks drugs aren't a federal issue that need to be stomped out: http://awomansplaceis.blogspot.com/2010/10/if-california-legalizes-marijuana-my.html

    If Dr. Paul reverses the federal laws banning drugs and gives the power to the states, my daughter may not be able live anywhere in the US. You're absolutely entitled to your opinion. But this blog supports Santorum. I've given Paul supporters the opportunity to explain their support and have published their supportive comments. But I cannot get over the "let's return the drug choice to the states issue."

    Again, I won't be writing posts attacking Paul. But I also definitely will not be voting for him and won't be encouraging anyone else to either.

  7. I completely agree. With your post and your comment above. Maybe we need to kick it up a notch and get Santorum heard.

  8. I'm personally a Ron Paul supporter, but as of lately I haven't been keeping too much tabs on politics. I honestly don't think I will be voting in this election.

  9. GO SANTORUM. I really like Santorum for a few reasons, but maybe the biggest one is that someone who orders their life like I do would be in the White House. When it comes down to it, a lot of people vote based on who they think is the most like them - the candidate who mirrors their principles, priorities, and lifestyle. Rick Santorum is a strong Catholic who homeschools his kids and isn't afraid to take a stand on what is important. He has a complete understanding of the impact of the breakdown of the family on society, something I think most all of the other candidates miss out on.

    He isn't perfect. But a saint wouldn't ever run for president anyway. :)

  10. I also favor Santorum over the others still in the race. Romney strikes me as Obama lite, Gingrich caved and compromised an awful lot when last in a position to make a difference, and I have so many objections to Ron Paul that if he got the nomination I would have to spit before I marked my ballot.

    But any of them are still better than the pro-baby killing person currently in the office of president.

  11. I don't know if my vote in the Kentucky primary will help but I know that I am voting Santorum even though I'm not Catholic I am however pro-life and he is the only one who's not flip floping back and forth.

  12. A Santorum supporter; yet another reason I like reading your thoughts, Cam. (Sorry for a comment on this old post, but I've been busy the past couple of months and I'm just catching up on reading)


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