Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Green Dress

The dress that I've been working on was finished just before midnight last night (just in time to wear it to Mass this morning).  I managed to follow the pattern until it told me how to put on the zipper... then I just couldn't help myself as I caved in to my "I know a better way" impulse.  I'm counting this as basically following a pattern though.  It may be as close as I'm going to get!


  1. I'm sorry... I thought you were Catholic. Why the hair covering? Are you from a sect?

  2. I am Catholic. If you're really curious you can read the headcovering link on the sidebar. Plenty of Catholic women do cover for a variety of reasons. It's a great reminder to pray throughout the day.

  3. Hi Cam,

    I cannot see the headcovering link on the sidebar. I did look around the internet and what I could find only talked about some Catholic women wanting to restart the trend of wearing mantillas and hats to mass. I occasionally see an elderly woman at mass with one, but in the three parishes I've been a part of and many decades in The Church, I have never seen a young woman wear one. How interesting.

    Do you wear one all the time, or just in church? It would seem to me that it would be easier and less conspicuous to wear a special bracelet, necklace or ring as a reminder to pray. It has never been a tradition or part of cannon law for Catholic women to cover their hair outside of Church, has it? Is this a trend amongst many young ladies in the parish where you live?


  4. Hi KradleKatholic-

    At our parish about 90% of the women wear chapel veils to Mass. I am a bit different with my snoods, but I wear them because Mae is soooooo insistent about pulling at anything lace, so even when I had a comb sewed into my veil she could pull it off.

    I wear little headband/headcoverings or scarves a lot of the time (but not all the time) because I find them to be pretty convenient. They help remind me to pray, but they're also pretty practical. We live in the south now and the humidity here is pretty terrible. So if I don't want to spend an hour trying to make it not frizzy, or make it stay put, a covering can be a huge help and a big timesaver! It also kind of works like an apron when I'm cooking and cleaning and dealing with babies. I'm not constantly brushing my hair back, which with the texture of my hair, I find myself doing even with a bun.

    I think many women, across the board wore hats when they left the house until the not too distant past. I'm not sure which decade it stopped in.

    When a friend and I were walking a few weeks ago a huge flock of birds took off above us (there are soooo many birds here too!) and she put her hand over her head and said: "I wish I had something on my head!" and then looked at me and realized I did and we both started laughing.

    Here's the link on headcovering: It has some pictures of coverings, but if you scroll through you can also find posts where I explain why I cover, debates that have taken place here over the years, and one post that explains that it's definitely not a requirement anymore (because that argument does get made a lot, but in Inter Insignores, Paul VI said that it's not), but that there are still reasons that some women choose to do so.

    I hope that helps!

  5. I wear a veil to mass 99% of the time. I like Cam am young and still choose to do so. I have had many older women in the church criticizes my choice but I don't do it for them I do it because I feel called to do so.

    I also cover on occasion when I am not in the presents of our Lord. That is also a personal choice.

    It may not be popular or even stylish but I've never really followed fashion anyway.

  6. I am a 25 year old Catholic and I always wear a veil to Mass, whenever I enter a church or when I am in front of the Blessed Sacrament. It is a church tradition that was kind of tossed by the wayside after the 60s.

    Here's a beautiful resource on veiling:

    It was written into the 1917 Code of Canon Law and the practice was misinterpreted by the media after Vatican II, leaving many Catholics believing that it was no longer an important tradition.

    It is a beautiful outward sign, just like wearing the brown scapular or genuflecting. As humans, we need those physical reminders just as much as the internal ones.

    I would encourage every woman to honor God in this way as it is something very special we can do as women.

    I myself also occasionally wear scarf headcoverings outside of Mass (not my lace veil). But my motivation there is more due to my love of different cultures and the beauty found in these scarves. I wouldn't wear the ones I have to Mass as mine are much too bright and I think they would be more a distraction than a sign of humility and submission to God.


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