Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The girls were so excited about the playoff game this weekend.  They love to watch Paul cheer for New England almost as much as they loved playing with their bouncy balls (and an orange) while the game was on.  Sadie kept trying to convince Paul that the game was going so well that she needed to be tossed in the air.

I couldn't find Mae's Bruschi jersey, and so I found a tank top that she barely fit into and a pair of pants that almost matched.  Sadie on the other hand, was determined to squeeze into her cheerleader outfit.  I think this year will be the last time she can wear it.  She barely got it on.  It's a 4 and while she can wear a 5, she's easily fitting into 6-6xs now.  It's almost Mae Bae's turn to wear it (Mae's a 3T)!

The camera has a hard time catching Mae Bae when she's moving at top speed:

The good thing about this picture is you can't tell quite how small the top is!  She's just so tall that it doesn't really cover her tummy anymore!  I had to search for this picture!  And like her little sister, she's too fast for my camera's regular setting!

After quite a while playing ball they settled down to watch the game with Momma.  We were hoping Daddy's team was going to play Grumpa's team in the Super Bowl, but that was not to be...  On to the big game!!!

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