Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mae Bae... The Plato Reading Ninja Toddler...

I can now tell, quite easily, when Sadie is frustrated about something.  Because she now looks at me, through gritted teeth and says:  "I will never bite you again Momma.  I promise.  I will never bite you again." And then I know that she's thinking about biting me (and thankfully resisting the urge!)...

Mae Bae has had an interesting day.  The scariest part of the day was when she charged across the room and jumped up on the big red leather chair in our living room.  She was going so fast that it actually started to tilt backwards.  When it tilted she threw herself forward and somersaulted over the back, brushing her head against the table behind the chair as she continued to roll, while somehow managing to spin around and land, in a sitting position on the ground to the side of the table and the chair, completely uninjured.  She did look somewhat surprised.  I was so panicked (because I was thinking "how can she not be hurt?!?!?!) that when I raced over, my finger poked her eye as I scrambled to scoop her up... which did result in a few moments of tears.

This may be Mae Bae's first lesson that Mommy is clumsy, particularly when in a panicked is-the-baby-hurt??? mode.  I'm not sure where she inherited her toddler ninja skills, since Daddy shares the same clumsy gene.

Mae Bae has been doing something else that Paul and I both think is kind of funny.  There's a book of Plato over on one of the bookshelves that Mae Bae is in love with.  Some kids have blankies.  Some have stuffed animals.  Mae has Plato.  She carries it around the house with her.  There's an empty cupboard in the kitchen that she loves to climb into and she'll go in the cupboard, with the book, and close the door and sit in the closed cupboard with it.  Sometimes she pages through it.  Sometimes she just holds it or carries it around the house.  Today she cried hysterically when it was time to go on our walk, and she actually convinced Paul to let her take it with us.  She sat and looked at the pages for part of the walk, and then hugged it to her chest for the remainder.  It's the strangest "lovey" I've ever seen!


  1. How can you argue with a child who is attached to Plato? Perhaps she's entering a philosophic phase. She's too cute.

  2. Mae Bae the philosopher!!! How funny.

    Your girls are really beautiful. Mae Bae actually looks like the female version of my 9 month old grandson, Ben - same gorgeous eyes. :)


  3. Little known fact: Ninja skills are a double recessive gene. You two most both be carriers.


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