Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go Pats!

Are you guys watching the game tonight?

I think Paul's facebook status update from earlier in the week pretty much sums it up:

"OK I like you Tebow, but your season ends next Sunday."

So the game is actually tonight (not Sunday), so hopefully Denver's season ends tonight (and the way it's going it should!).  

Grumpa's team already won tonight. 

What's going to happen if Grumpa's team plays Daddy's team in the Super Bowl?!?!?!

That could be fun...

Here's a Sadie super bowl blast from the past.  It wasn't a good day for our team:


  1. We came out of Mass tonight to see that New Orleans had gone ahead, but SF came right back. I guess the 49ers are for real! It's not been a good week for Louisiana football teams. :( (I'm actually more of a Falcons fan, due to Matt Ryan being one of my B.C. guys, but they're out of it now. (I think poor Matt needs a good sports psychologist... he just can't get it done in the post-season.)

    I grew up a Patriots fan, and am still mildly interested because my 91 year old Dad is a huge fan, but I'm kind of over Tom Brady. I just don't see the Broncos having much of a chance, barring several miracles.

  2. I'm kind of over Brady too.

    That's one reason I scrambled to get a Bruschi jersey before he retired, and was adamant that I did not want to get Sadie a Brady jersey!

  3. Blasphemy!!!!!!! GO COLTS! Next year. *sheepish grin* I'm so glad there are other women football fans. My husband "claims" to be a Packers fan. He didn't even watch football until after we got married. On the other hand, I still dream about the '85 Bears!

  4. Bethany,in our family, everyone knows - and is amused by - the fact that I am an "enthusiastic" football fan. While I prefer college ball, I have several NFL teams I will root for. Don't get in between the TV and me when I am watching. ;)


  5. I am a football fan too, both My teams are out, I'm rooting for the Patriots over the Ravens, I am pretty sure I'm rooting for SF over the Giants. Eli is not the Manning I want to see in the playoffs.


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