Sunday, January 22, 2012

"To Love Him"

Me:  "Who made you?"
Sadie:  "God!  God made me!"
Me:  "Why did God make you?"
Sadie:  "To live...."
Me:  "And?"
Sadie:  "To love mmmm... and to live in a town!"

We've been reading here Catholic Children's Treasury and the answer we were going for was "to love him" from the little Therese story she wants to read constantly.  She loves reading those books!  And they're causing her to ask so many wonderful questions!


  1. That's question one of the Baltimore catechism. Good Job Cam and Sadie.

  2. Adorableeeee !!

    Seriously, I love your children. I especially like the Sadie dialogues because I can hear her little voice in my head saying all these things!

  3. Tell me your little girl is not dressed up as a nun. For Heaven's sake... Must everything be done to the very extreme?

    1. Sigh. She begged for this for her birthday. Begged. For weeks. And weeks. And weeks. It was the only thing that she asked for, for her birthday.

      It's sad that some people can't possibly imagine that a child might think that a religious vocation is a wonderful thing all on her own. Sadie saw a nun at Mass today and was smiling from ear to ear. I certainly won't stifle her love of her favorite saint, who is a nun, because certain judgmental people don't think it's appropriate.

    2. Hiding behind Anonymous I see. You poor poor person who can't even bring your self to be a name. I see you can't actually own your insults and misplaced assumptions.

  4. Um, your child, like, prays?

    Isn't that..uh...a bit extreme?

    Yeah because we wouldn't want to be too EXTREME in holiness! Like, ministering to the dying in Calcutta. Gosh that would be CRAZY. Thinking of being a nun is EXTREME at a young age - women should be thinking about being doctors or mothers or ANYTHING but nuns!! Playing dress up is fine for any lay vocation, but a NUN? I mean, for Heaven's sake-!

    ((end sarcasm)

    Lady, whatever you're saying those idiot things for, it's definitely not for Heaven's sake.

  5. Martha wins the "Best use of Sarcasm" award!!! Loved your post Martha! Cam... that is a seriously adorable picture... thinking poster size.. and what a wonderful family you have!

  6. Anonymous,
    you have achieved official Blog Troll status.
    Why are you still reading this blog?
    Spend some time with your kids instead and learn some manners.


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