Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 Week

It's been a week since the c-section and I can honestly say that yesterday was better.

I resolved to stay on the couch as much as possible and the girls seemed to have passed through whatever "testing Mommy since she's been in the hospital so much" phase that they were in on Tuesday.

I learned that the trick to keeping Sadie from getting into trouble was asking her to hold her brother once every couple of hours.  She's already begging to hold him the rest of the time, but if I ask her without her having to ask she's absolutely elated, and springs into action, smoothing a little blanket on her lap and holding her arms out, ready to support his head.

Mae didn't go into destructo-baby mode until 4pm, which sort of felt like a victory... at least it did when I wasn't watching her attempt to destroy the house in the hour and a half before Paul returned home for dinner.

And I gave up altogether on the idea that there is a nap time in Mae's near future.

In other news Patrick is the easiest baby in the world... as long as I'm right next to him.  He's like a cross between Sadie, who needed to be held all the time, and Mae who liked having time to herself in her bassinet.  Patrick isn't about to be left in a bassinet, even if I'm in the room, although he's not quite as high maintenance as his oldest sister was.  He's happy and content as long as he's a maximum of two inches away from me.  The Moby wrap is getting a lot of use.  And I'm going to have to get used to sewing with a baby strapped on to my chest.

The house does seem rather empty now.  After the first trip to the hospital, and in the weeks that followed when everyone was sick, we had family here helping for over four weeks.  Understandably everyone had to return to their real lives,  and baby stayed put far longer than we expected after the first labor signs when I was admitted in mid-October, which is why I'm on my own at the moment.  I'm incredibly grateful for all the help that we received, because that really was when it was desperately needed!  At least I'm home now and able to supervise the destruction.

Now to get ready to go downstairs and do just that... and maybe I can bring my camera with me and remember to take a picture today... Patrick is now 1 week old!

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  1. Glad you're healing up and everything is going fairly smoothly!


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