Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm not sure why I thought they would want to have two of these... when they'd much rather squish in together and be in the same one!

At least that was my thought when I first took this picture, right before Mae screamed and started to cry and I asked what happened and Sadie told me, in a perfectly calm voice:  "I just bit Mae Bae."

As Sadie went upstairs to spend a couple minutes thinking about why we don't bite our toddler sister, Mae flailed her little arms and started to pull her own hair until I said:  "Your sister is going upstairs or a timeout."  She stopped, mid-hair-pull turned around and kissed me and then went back to quietly playing.

And of course they were as thick as thieves as soon as Sadie came back downstairs.

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  1. We keep a "Mickey Mouse" version of this little sofa/sleeping bag here for Ben. He will happily sit on it with his books, or having his Cheddar Bunnies. I have just washed the cover and hope I can wrangle it back onto the foam pieces...

    Adorable girls. :)



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