Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No Room at the Hospital...

At least not for an induction.

We got up this morning and got the girls dressed and ready before the sun was up.  We packed the car and headed off to drop the girls off with Nani and Grumpa.

We were on the way when we got the news.  The hospital labor and delivery section is full.  They'd call me later.  I did explain that I'm a VBA2C and that my doctor wanted me to come in if I was having any contractions at all and that I'd had super contractions all day long yesterday... and she said distractedly to come in if my water breaks...

So I'm kind of struggling at the moment with what to do.  If I'm standing up I'm having contractions.  Perfect 3 minute apart contractions.  I sit down and nothing at all happens... or I have two or three contractions an hour (which is like "nothing" happening).  So I know, if I go in and get checked I'll be having a whole lot of nothing going on.

On the other hand I know my doctor wanted me there if anything at all was going on, since I've already had the two incisions.  I'm a bit torn over going or staying (yet each time I stand up things pick back up, and there's no way I'm just laying around the house all day).

So what to do?

The hospital is a mile from our house.  I think I'm going to put on my boots and walk down there.  Then a) I'll have had a mile more of contractions every 3 minutes and b) they can figure out what they want me to do and can tell if I really need to be there or not for every. single. contraction.



  1. Praying, Cam. May Blessed Mother surround you with peace and security and guide your little one into this world under her maternal care.

  2. I say, go, and let them grapple with this. You've done enough waiting!


  3. I'd put a call in to your doctor, which you likely have.

    At least folks are having babies in East Lansing! ;)


  4. I would wait since you live so close. Just make sure everything is ready to go

  5. I would totally be that girl to walk to the hospital! Thinking of you, baby boy will come out soon enough!

  6. Walking to the hospital makes a great story :). I would totally walk to the hospital if it were me...

  7. I'd call the doctor and tell them and see what they suggest you do. That way you're covered.

  8. Sitting contractions are my measure of true labor. Prayers for you and your family!

  9. Well, if it were me, I wouldn't go in until necessary, because the longer you sit at the hospital, the more likely they are to push a c-section on you (unless you're at a VERY pro-natural hospital). Inductions are more likely to end up in c-sections as well, so if you're body is trying to work naturally, let it do that for some more time.

  10. The main reason I considered it (and came in) is because it was part of the deal with my doctor. He'd let me try to to VBAC, but only if I promised to come in as soon as the contractions started.

    Do I love that? Not really. But a deal is a deal, and he's gone out of his way to be pretty great about letting me do this when pretty much every other doctor is saying it's way too much of a liability.


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