Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Update from the Hospital

Today will hopefully be my last night in the hospital, as long as nothing more comes of the "crackling" sound that they could hear in my right lung this morning.  And I'm really, really hoping nothing comes of it, because I'm more than ready to go home!

Patrick is the quietest of our little ones so far (which is saying a lot, since Mae was really quiet too!).  Unlike our two girls he wants to be swaddled all the time, so he's pretty much living inside of his little monkey swaddler.  

Here are the latest pictures from the last two blessedly uneventful days:

Grumpa and Patrick hold hands.

A kiss from his adoring big sister.

Mae gets snuggles with Mommy.

Snuggles while Mommy works on being on her feet again.

Cuddles with both girls with lots of pillows to protect my stomach...
There was an unfortunate incident the day after the c-section involving my stapled stomach and a enthusiastically thrown bag of Huggies from one of my little helpers.  Let's just say that I managed to stop crying after a ridiculous amount of narcotics and several hours of wondering how that could possibly hurt as much as it did...
And so now... now I am surrounded by pillows.

The baby bump is slowly looking less baby-bumpish.
I made Paul snap a picture of the progress.
I still have a ways to go however since Sadie's first reaction, upon seeing me was to ask
if there was another baby in Mommy's tummy.
When she found out there wasn't she launched into a speech about how there should be.

Here's the Daddy bed.
This is where we've discovered that Daddy could easily sleep
18 hours a day if no one woke him.  

And here's the little guy, enjoying being swaddled.  I'm glad I learned how to sew swaddlers because I have a feeling we're going to need quite a few to keep up with Patrick's desire to be swaddled all the time!


  1. Sadie just can't wait for more babies, can she?

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. thanks for your sharing your beautiful blessings. i'm off to look up a swaddler pattern. ;)

  3. very nice. Congratulations.

  4. As a longtime follower of yours who never enters into the uncertain arena of the comment box, I hope you will just let me say that you have a marvelously beautiful's been a privilege to see it grow via your blog and to remember you all in my prayers!
    Congratulations again on little Patrick - I can't wait to hear about how he contributes to your family dynamic from here on out! May you be home, and recovered, very soon.

  5. He's gorgeous. Once you start selling swaddlers, if they're as cute as the one he's in, do put them in your shop (especially if you ship overseas) - they're way cute. You could use up some of that free time you're bound to have (ha ha)

  6. You look terrific already! I hope that this will be your last night in the hospital, and that your lungs are fine.

    What is it about men and sleeping??? Universal, I think.

    Our new little grandson LOVES being swaddled, as well, unlike his cousin, who fought his way out as soon as s possible.

    God bless all!


  7. Congratulations! I am so glad that everyone is healthy and happy!

  8. So sweet! You have my congratulations and my prayers :D

  9. Annamarie loved being swaddled as well, she was swaddled forever it seems!

    And eek, can't imagine being stapled! I had sutures with my c-section, I can imagine the staples would be a lot more tender!

  10. Congratulations Cam!!! He's gorgeous!

    I'm interested in you recommend any books? I know you said you listened to some audio tapes?

    Any advice would be appreciated. :) I'm due in 8 weeks.

  11. Hi Rachel,

    I did the program through
    It takes about five weeks, listening to audio tracts every day, with a chapter of reading once a week and practicing self hypnosis exercises. I definitely think it was my best shot at a succeeding in a VBAC and I wish I'd done it with my first (or even with Mae!).

    Prayers for your upcoming delivery!


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