Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fresh Off the Sewing Machine!

To my great relief things began to pick up yesterday afternoon for Small Business Saturday.  This means I haven't quite met my goal of getting 200 headcoverings up at the same time, but in this case that's a good thing.  And since I still have a bag full of headcoverings to photograph I just might meet my goal of posting five or so more headcoverings sometime this week depending on how crazy things are with my photographer and his classes (as finals approach things are bound to get extra crazy!).  

Here's the latest!  I love the navy blue with polka dots!  

And if you order don't forget to use GIVETHANKS20 or 20% off your entire order at any of my stores!

Salmon (because I couldn't decide if this was really pink or orange...)

Light Green with Pink Roses

Grey and Black Cotton Print

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  1. Ok, so I know I leave comments on your blog totally unrelated to the post, so bear with me :-) (btw, I love the orange paisley!). I was thinking how you so clearly did everything you could to have a natural birth, but for reasons only God knows, you couldn't. And I was thinking that in the medical community multiple c-sections as well as v-bacs are risky, and I've heard of maybe one family who's had more than 3 c-sections. Maybe God is using you to show that His "power is made perfect in weakness." Living in communion with the Church's teachings with the full knowledge of the "risk" involved? You'll be an example and be able to encourage other women who are fearful of bearing more children if they've had a c-section. I guess this is on my mind because I recently prayed for God to heal me of a limiting illness, and I promised Him anything and everything - even to be a cloistered nun! - if only he would take this cross. And a few days later the answer was clear: "Thanks but no thanks." Power made perfect in weakness. You look like such a loving mother. Photos of you with Patrick in one arm and Mae in the other remind me of my mom when my little sister was born and I wasn't the baby anymore, but she always had an arm or hand (or leg!) for me :-) Looks like you've got the knack.


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