Monday, November 26, 2012

Sadie's Ice Skating Plans

I have a couple of little girls who are incredibly interested in ice skating at the moment.  

Last night after forty five minutes of ice skating and coming home to watch the ice skating competition from Japan that was on NBC, Sadie had Mae join her for three solid hours of pretending to ice skate around the living room (they even put down a blue blanket and pretended it was the ice).  

It was more than a little wild with non stop spinning and quite a few attempts at triple axles. 

There was also a debate when I suggested that the living rooms hardwood floors might be better for pretend ice skating than the blanket they laid out that they kept getting tangled in... but that was firmly overruled by both girls who didn't see how it could be considered ice skating without an appropriate ice skating "rink" that at last looked (vaguely) like ice.

Sadie has her first ice skating recital in two weeks.  Her favorite parts of the routine they've been working on include waving, blowing a kiss and saying "Merry Christmas!" with more waving.  

And I'm impatiently awaiting the time when I'm healed enough to go out and skate with her during the second part of her lesson (there's a family skate time where parents are encouraged to join and get free skate rentals).  

Sadie also announced yesterday, as I put Patrick's little MSU hat over his head, that Patrick is going to need a "hockey outfit" soon.  She had big plans for her little brother.  And for herself.  In her fearlessness she used free skate yesterday to skate out with the hockey players (who are about eight) who were practicing skating techniques.  Every time she skates with them she seems to learn even faster than she normally does, because she really focuses on imitating what they're doing (and they've been really great about helping her and giving her tips).  The fact that many of her classes have been one on one lessons, since the other kids haven't showed up consistently, has certainly helped too.

One thing we have noticed is how rough and tumble our girls are in all of their classes.  I think having each other has contributed heavily in this area.  They're used to running around together and accidentally knocking themselves (or one another) down.  When either of them fall down, and they both take some pretty hard tumbles, they bounce back up and keep running.  That's really helped in their classes where the other kids pretty frequently burst into tears...  Sadie's actually taken to looking over at me seriously each time she falls down and then breaking into a huge grin before bouncing back up and starting to skate again.    

After watching skating yesterday she looked at me seriously and said:  "Mommy, I'm going to have to practice pretty hard if I'm going to be the best in the whole world."  

Five weeks of ice skating and she's coming up with some pretty big plans...  I think they might be heavily influenced by the sparkly ice skating outfits she saw on TV...


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  1. In a year and a few months, you'll have an added outside ive skating influence on your hands. Winter Olympics are in 2014! Figure skating, pairs skating, hockey, speed skating. Sadie's plans will likely explode with excitement. :)

  2. Ice skating is such a wonderful activity! I loved it so much growing up, and miss it down here (although I understand that there is public skating indoors somewhere near us; that is best left to MUCH younger folks, though!)

    Michigan State has an excellent hockey program (I checked to see if they would be playing my national champ BC Eagles, but, alas, not in the regular season); I find college hockey incredibly exciting. You'll have plenty of opportunities to indulge Sadie's skating obsession over the next year or so!



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