Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Update from Triage....

By the time we walked to the hospital I was pretty glad that we'd decided to go in.  The contractions were a minute and a half apart, lasted for a minute (which means a thirty second break between them) and were far from the cute "oh look a practice contraction" type.

We've been here for a couple hours now, being monitored.  The Boy looks good.  I'm having contractions even when laying down.

This is it, right?  I mean, the doctor said he wants me here for any and all contractions because that's the only way they'll agree to let me try a VBA2C (hence coming in, for anyone who wondered why I was considering it, albeit reluctantly, so early...).

Um... nope.  It looks like I'm going home.  There are contractions.  They are real contractions according to the monitor.  They feel real.  They're pretty constant.  But it's crowded and my doctor isn't here and I'm progressing slowly.  So I'm waiting to be released to go home to wait for them to tell me to come back so that they can break my water.  Even without the water breaking I think, at this point in labor, leaving probably means coming back in the very near future (this happened with Sadie and Mae... with Mae I was sent home and told I wasn't in labor and I was holding her about 18 hours later and that was with those icky contraction killing drugs slowing things way, way down).

It seems a little silly.  But at the same time, I'm kind of relieved because we headed over without eating lunch (which was dumb) and I'm starving right now and starting this whole thing on an empty stomach does not seem like a particularly good idea.

I'll keep posting updates.  It seems like Patrick is going to be here very soon.  But I think I get one more trip home before that happens!


  1. Honestly, being home until you are in active labor is the best idea if you're trying for a vaginal delivery. How dilated and effaced are you? If your body isn't showing signs of labor, despite the contractions, it would be best not to stay at the hospital. If you're there, they are going to probably want to break your water artificially and/or hook you up to pitocin in order to move things along. If the little man isn't ready, this is going to lead to a labor that is classified as "failure to progress" and end up in another c-section.

    I know you're probably ready to have the baby, but I would take not being able to have the induction today as a blessing. The more you can allow your labor to happen naturally, on its own, the more likely you will end up with a vaginal delivery.

    My advice is to keep walking and to *ahem* have some private time with your husband. That always seems to speed things along.

    Good luck!

  2. Hope all goes well :-) That happened to my daughter - she was sent home at 9pm and then by about one she had the baby.

  3. Still praying. Here's a song by Matt Maher that your little girls might enjoy during the stress of waiting for their brother. I know it was very cathartic for me today.

  4. I agree completely with Scottish Twins. I have only given birth once, but he took forever (52 hours total) - and I know if I had been in the hospital the doctors would have been itching to start interventions and I would have ended up with a C section. Thankfully, my midwife was willing to try other things. (And the intimate time with husband, if both of you are up for it, definitely definitely works.)

  5. Agree with Scottish Twins. The further you can get on your own, the less likely you are to have a medicated/induced/interfered with labor. Just pray for protection and a safe delivery. I've made it through two vbacs, even with the second being high risk.

  6. Prayers! Get some protein. Yay!!!

  7. I'm praying for a quick ad safe delivery (soon) and no c-section for you! God bless!


  8. Those prelabor contractions can be intense - but if you were in "real" labor there's no way you could type! The pain is mindblowing once you are in active labor with dilation and effacement! Absolutely mindblowing agony! Best of luck - hang in there. Praying to St. Gianna for a safe and healthy delivery!

  9. Ahh bless you! Hope all progresses smoothly - lovely to hear your updates; thanks for sharing.

  10. Labor pains aren't quite the same for everybody. This is my fourth time around and while intense, I don't know that, outside of the pushing and transition, I'd ever not be able to type.

    Maybe hypnobabies is helping as much as I'd hoped though. Definitely loving the alternative forms of pain relief!

  11. Glad you are not in too much pain - for me 4+ cms was INSANE every time. I could not even talk much less use a computer!

    Maybe you will be one of the lucky few! Let's hope! Good luck!

    How dilated are you? Have they checked yet?

  12. Cam,

    Good luck, and prayers. I agree, with my third I was in real labor (5.5 hours) but would have been able to type for about 3.5-4 of those hours. Just because those last 45 minutes or so feel like they take hours doesn't mean that they do. ;P
    With my other 2 however, I was in active, transitional labor for the entire time and wasn't really able to type. (In fact I was all snippy talking to the doctor on the phone with my second. I was breathing hard and gritting my teeth with the very quick contractions and she asked me if they hurt. If tone of voice could kill... she would have been a goner when I said yes).

    I don't know how you feel about them breaking your waters, but I would make sure you are already making good progress. I have never had good experiences when my water has broken either artificially or naturally. (I was told I would have ended up with a C-section if it had been my first, because the breaking of the waters put the baby in distress). Since this will be your first vaginal birth I would be wary and be at least 6 cm before you let them break the waters.



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