Sunday, November 4, 2012

Late Pregnancy and my Inability to Write Coherent Posts on a Single Topic (at this point)

The news in the first paragraph deserves a Sadie Smile!
Look how tiny she was!
First off I have to say:  Congratulations to Marie whose family welcomed a new little grandbaby this week!  I'd been waiting for that news and I thought we would hear it soon!!!  I'm so thankful that he's arrived safe and sound!  And I'm glad that someone got a Saint Martin de Porres feast day baby!!!

In other news... The Boy decided to miss my hoped for due date.  I've begun joking with Paul that it's because he's waiting it out to see who wins the election.  Maybe he's heard that this world isn't the safest place for the unborn, or the just born (if vital signs outside the uterus after being born aren't a sign of human life, I don't know what is!).  I mean, when courts are deciding whether or not forced abortions against the mother (and her legal guardians') wishes are an actual possibility, things are pretty frightening all around (judicial appointments: yet another reason who you vote for in this election really does matter!).

Either way, it will kind of be a relief on November 7th when we're no longer being bombarded by political ads every second of the day (here in Michigan you can't turn on the TV, or Hulu, without hearing the words "collective bargaining" 50 times...).  But maybe that's because most of the polls I've been seeing lately have me feeling relatively hopeful about the possible outcome, whereas during the last election there wasn't much hope at all that things weren't going to turn out the way that they did.

Today will be the fourth Mass missed by the majority of our family, now that Paul, the final holdout, has succumbed to this horrible bug.  I'm on day 10 of what I've come to think of as Virus 3 in 3 months.  Things have improved drastically.  I actually slept through the night last night.  And the girls seem to be 90% recovered (Mae was sick for about two weeks... poor little bunny...).  But I'm also not certain, with this horrible cough and the need for 100 tissues an hour, that I'm not contagious, and I'd rather not expose a room full of little kids and senior citizens to whatever this is.  Still, not going feels really odd, because I do feel quite a bit better (although on the scale of feeling "well" I guess things are pretty relative at this point)... but putting everybody else at risk isn't a chance I'm willing to take.  

Does anyone else feel like rolling their eyes when they hear news reports about how awesome the economy is doing at the moment?  Or is that becoming more and more of a regional thing?

I noticed another foreclosure notice at the end of our street yesterday.  That makes two new foreclosures in the last two months.  If I walk a one block radius from our house there are another 3 that were already vacant, so I guess when I hear about how "recovered " things are I'm even more skeptical than I was before we left our little part of California where actual unemployment was ridiculously high. 5 foreclosures in a roughly 100 yard radius, plus two additional houses that are for sale (one's absolutely beautiful... but with all the foreclosures around I don't think it'll be getting it's 80k asking price any time soon) doesn't make me think that things are picking up here quite yet... although a news report did say that there were going to be hundreds of seasonal jobs this year, for the tens of thousands of applicants that will be applying (I can't find the story I was watching last month that gave the exact numbers, but I can tell you that they didn't make me feel particularly hopeful for the people that they showed applying for jobs).

And to keep the totally random theme, yesterday's "baby please arrive" strategy involved a pot of raspberry leaf tea constantly simmering on the stove.  Interestingly enough, each time I took a sip I would have a contraction... but still no sign of actual labor, although things are increasingly uncomfortable.  Since it does seem probable after talking to my doctor, that I was actually in labor last week and that my inhaler stopped it (sigh), I'm wondering if it will restart on it's own.  I know I've been told by women who've had early labor stopped that sometimes after labor has been stopped it doesn't restart easily...  and I'm hoping that's not true.  It's not so much that I'm impatient for this pregnancy to be over (I don't really mind being pregnant, even this late in the game...), it's that I'd really, really like to avoid being induced or having a c-section again.  And every day we're getting closer to that...


  1. If it is possible I think you sent it to me over the internet. :(

  2. My SIL swears by evening primrose oil. The capsules are available OTC. She has 4 children and has gone into labor within 24 hours of taking them each time. She agrees that it might just be the natural timing (desperate to have a baby at the final hour) but it is supposed to soften the cervix. Praying for you and the boy!

  3. Have you tried any of the pressure points? 1st we prayed he won't come now we are praying he does. What a difference a few weeks make.

  4. Baroness, when I saw your status update this morning I thought the same thing! I hope it's not the same bug! I hope it's much, much shorter... yuck.

    Prayers you feel better soon!

  5. Regarding your point on the economy, I've been laughing every time it gets mentioned, in US or Canadian politics.

    The area I've lived in has been in recession so long that the recessive state became the new baseline and a whole new flavour of recession started when the US Housing-Lending Crisis hit. Businesses that had been good to me financially collapsed, and now, four years on, I work two jobs and barely scrape by with a win*.

    The idea, however notional, that governments have any input into the economy is somewhat misguided. Economics is not a hard science and there are no right answers. You have to push a little on each lever to get the right result. Government spending is no more problematic or problem-solving than tax cuts.

    *The caveat here is that I have an extra bedroom, and if I could rent it, my finances would be ludicrously comfortable.

  6. Thank you for the prayers and congratulations, Cam; we are thrilled and grateful for our new little man in the family.

    I'd try the evening primrose oil, as well; I've heard lots of good things about it. It seems as if all is needed is a little nudge in the right direction.

    I'm so sorry you're all still under the weather. Our first little grandson, over here with his mom to meet his new cousin, starting with a fever and repeated vomiting yesterday... after being in his auntie's room the night before. Oy vay! Needless to say, neither he nor his mom will be meeting the new little one this visit. And they have a 3 hour drive home with his Grandpa (I'll be staying the week to help.)

    Here's to praying and hoping that you are all 100% soon, and The Boy gets here without any more undue delay.

    God bless!


  7. Praying for your family's recovery from the horrible bug, and that your labor restarts soon! I also just wanted to offer some encouragement in case your son ends up arriving via induction. Due to a blood clot during my first pregnancy, I require blood thinner injections twice a day, so I have had my delivery induced each time (3 so far, with our 4th due in February) during a narrow window while I am weaned off the blood thinners. I was incredibly apprehensive, especially since I also have good sized babies (nine pound range) and a small pelvis. I had heard many horror stories about induction, but I am happy to say that although labor is always intense- none of my experiences were at all horrific. Safe deliveries, healthy babies, and smooth recoveries, praise God! I realize a VBAC-2 induction is a different scenario, but I have great faith you would handle it very well (hopefully it won't come to that!) Sorry for the long comment! -Jeanette

  8. My continued prayers for you, your little one in the oven, and the rest of your lovely family. I sympathize with wanting a certain Saint's day for a birth, it doesn't happen. In my case I think God is trying to help my hubby keep track of birthdays. We ALL have the same DAY of the month but different months.

    God bless!

  9. I wish I could tell you something that would make that little boy of yours decide to make his arrival but after my last pregnancy I learned that all the labor inducing wives tales in the world won't make a baby come before he or she is ready. I pretty much tried it all and nothing made labor start. I went into labor with Katie at 41 weeks after going to an early morning Mass where I asked St. Gerard for his intercession and basically told God that I gave up and understood that I wasn't the one in control. [That was huge for a control freak like me.]

    Praying that your little boy will be here soon! I know how waiting for labor to happen can drive you batty.

  10. Aww! You were gone yesterday; I'd hoped the next post would include baby pictures. ~pout~ Saying a prayer for you, and asking St. Gerard for a little help as well. No, I didn't just copy Karen on that, lol.


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