Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After another five nights in the hospital, it feels so strange to finally be home.  Today Nani and Grumpa head back to California and Paul goes back to his all day every day law school schedule, and I'll admit it's a tiny bit intimidating.  At the moment I feel like not leaving the house until... Christmas... although I know that with time that will pass.

We seem to have been blessed with the most laid back baby in the world right now.  We brought him home and the girls instantly surrounded him and began squealing and cooing.  He slept through it.  Grumpa repaired a small hole in the corner of our living room with a drill.  Patrick didn't bat an eye.  The girls repeatedly kissed him (Mae with a binkie in her mouth).  Patrick didn't stir.  All those months in the womb with his sisters shouting at my tummy so that he could hear them better have apparently made for a very good sleeper (since they did take him and do a hearing test at the hospital).

Sadie's most frequently used phrase is:  "I need to kiss my brother.  I just love him so much."  And she finally got to sit on the couch and hold him (and did a surprisingly good job of it!  She held him for about five minutes!).

The only thing I'm really dreading right now is not being able to pick up Mae for another six weeks...

Hopefully I'll have more time later.  I hear someone calling for food at the moment!  And he's hungry now!


  1. It's so nice to be home. I was very intimidated at first when my husband went back to work. Good thing Sadie is old enough to really play up the big sister roll. Caleb is the same way with Joshua in being laid back and mellow. Everyone comments on it. Poor guy even got wounded the other day when Joshua tripped and his open mouth hit Caleb's head. Caleb cried a little bit but as soon as he was up in my arms he looked at Joshua and gazed adoringly. Your girls are big sisters now, enlist their help.

  2. I so wish your folks could be with you during this week at home. :( But, they've certainly been there a good while.

    Please don't overdo; I can't imagine trying to deal with two little ones and a newborn, post c-section! At least it seems you have a good little helper there in Sadie. Thank God sweet Patrick is so mellow.

    God bless and congratulations again.


  3. Your family is beautiful.

    I found that my little one was OK with snuggles in my big chair. I didn't have to pick her up to snuggle. She was able to learn how to avoid hurting me while getting close. It works out.

    Congratulations on how well he tolerates his sisters loving on him. So CUTE!

  4. Congratulations on the birth of Patrick! Beautiful baby! You look great, too.

    I had a section with my daughter, the recovery is not fun, but over sooner than you think. May God Bless your expanding family!

  5. Congrats! Very handsome young man :)


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