Monday, November 5, 2012

No Baby Kisses for Daddy!

Another old picture of Mae Bae!
Yesterday Mae was giving out free baby kisses (to Mommy only) by the dozen!

Then Daddy had the nerve to ask for a kiss.  Mae thought about it.  She got a little smile on her face.  And finally she reached up (she was sitting between us) and grabbed the back of both of our necks and pushed out heads together.

Apparently Daddy has to be more specific about who he wants a kiss from, because Mae's answer was that yes, Daddy could have a kiss, but it would be from Mommy.

Mae's sense of humor seems to be growing rapidly these days and she thinks that life is pretty hilarious.

From all the smiling and giggling that followed, she was pretty pleased with herself.

And yes... still waiting for the boy.  It's kind of strange to think that day after tomorrow we'll be headed to the hospital bright and early if he hasn't arrived yet.

Last night I sewed and sewed the last of my orders and, with typically good etsy luck had five new items roll in before this morning.  My mom always jokes that when things are slow, the second I complete a big batch of snoods I'll wake to find a new bunch of orders waiting.  I'm always pretty happy when that turns out to be true!

And I'm excited that now that it's November things finally seem to be picking up a little, after a slow stretch from August to October!  I know that in the past November is when things have tended to pick up, but slow months still make me nervous!  For my stores November, December, January and March have always seemed to be the busiest with slow stretches during the summer and early fall.

Now if only I can get the new orders sewed, bundled up and ready to go by tomorrow night...

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